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    1. Can’t delete. You’ll just have to let us talk crap until it gets so old that nobody gives a shit anymore, you unusual-testicle-smelling fuck.

    2. Yeah, about that. Then we’ll move along and try to figure out another way to irritate Mara.

  1. @MARA, I BEEN TELLING YOU!!!! YOUR VAGINAL SMELL LIKE A WEEK OLD DEAD FISH!!!! Douche cam’t help you…. Please keep your legs cross…..

    1. If 2lolo would brush, floss and rinse he wouldn’t be smelling that “unusual vaginal smell”.

    2. He obviously doesn’t know what a ‘vagina’ is since he called it a ‘vaginal’… And I think you smell like coconuts Mara, or that’s what I imagine people on tropical islands smell like. 😉

    3. Fuck off. 2lolo is smarter than both of you put together Fred and Kelta, you sad cunts

  2. Take that thing to a fabreeze factory n dunk it in afew gallons of there fresheners for a week or so, then come bak to me n see if i dont pass out from “unusual” vaginal smells

  3. this is the fakest shit ever! as if u be that dumb to not notice the difference between facebook and google.and then go n draw more attention to your mistake by asking others how to delete.

  4. Fake. Attention whores, fags, and trolls do shit like this all the time, post embarrassing statuses for either again attention or pitty, to seem edgy or just to get this kind of reaction from you fucking tools. OH and 99.9% of all the ”autocorrect fails” you all love, are about as real as the WWE. You brainless, easily amused, middle school douchebags. FAGS…

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