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    1. I thought you were AlexandraDarko…. you lied to me. You’re a phony-ass fraud and I’m never trusting you again. These girls look retarded though. They’ll have a reality show in no time. Are they tv shows or freak shows… am I right, First? Am I right?

    2. why do you gotta be mean?! dont be such a kill joy! but yeah i deffinantly agree. im still first. muhahaha :l

    3. all of you are stupid a lot of girls even when I was little use to put on their mothers shoes, makeup and would take their mom’s bras and stuff it.It’s not like their mother wold force them to were this to school or church. it’s just someone way of playing with their kids.

    1. There was actually one girl in history that got pregnant at 5 yo…….google it!

    2. the age of consent in mexico is 12 so this type of thing is normal for these types of people.

  1. How is this fail? Two little girls are playing, so what? I think a lot of people are in heavy need of re-adjusting their perception.

    1. Yea… Youre right… Playing, ‘lets look like an alabama hooker’ is healthy for children. Next up is easy bake meth house.

    2. I blame those damn BRATS dolls, makes girls think looking like a Mexican hooker is a good thing.

    3. Dude, it’s not like they are playing with their mothers’s clothes, the clothes are made for children, look… seriously the parents are sick to buy stuff like that for their daughters !

    4. ummmm yea…just playing? There are too many damn dirty perverts out there, and parents like this one dress their kids like this??? Fucking sick and you are pretty damn stupid, and I think you need to re-adjust your perception on the world…

    5. @Ju Some of it is made for children, some of it is not. None of th accessories are. The pants are, but there’s nothing out of the ordinary about the pants. The purple top looks like it was rolled up. The only item that looks unusual to me is the zebra print top.

  2. Yeah, this is about the age that most chicas start pumping out more Mexican mediocrity in the form of uncontrollable, unsupervised sprogs. Why do you think they all look totally blown out and used up by age 25?

    1. Please don’t be ignorant…. just because they are dark in skin and have dark hair doesn’t make them mexican stupid….

  3. gee and people wonder why there are so many pregneant kids in this country. morons like there parents should be hit in the back of the head with a shovel

    1. I refer you back to the ‘party photo fail’ with the pregnant preteen drinking and smoking… Tell me again why its illegal to shoot people in the face?

  4. Why the Hell is it u all are puttin Mexican out there like we bad an dress like hookers there are 2 races that do an Mexicans are in no way 1 of them… Also Im 31 an I in no way looked washed up I still look 23 so kick rocks on the BS u all be puttin on Mexicans…

  5. when i was little i used to put on a gliter tank top,put 2 tenis balls in my shirt and one basketball then grab dadds beer cans and say “its britney beatch”

  6. I would like to cuss you all out for not having any self respect.. these children belong to someone.. and look cute, grown s hell but cute.. dont be mad cause u dont have pretty little girls.. I am proud to say I am happy you dont.. because most of you sound like you kinda got off with this you sick pricks.. how could you even look at little girls with clothes on and say hooker.. you people are sad.. and its because of people like you that our country sucks.. you all prob voted for bush.. its fine cause my nigga is black now and he runnin sh1t thank you.. calling these little girls mexican and hookers.. go kill urself and make the world better..

  7. yea i thought they looked really cute but a little 2 grown but they are just playing im pretty sure their mothers dont let them go out of the house like that

  8. Noooo that’s just terrible! I would NEVER left my daughter play dress up like this D: What happened to kids pretending to be princesses and doctors?!

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