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    1. No she aint. This is the girl who put the tampon in the wrong hole. And some of them got lost… So many that u can see them now. I think she still does it the same way

  1. I’m sure she is only holding that as a joke. She looks too classy and wise to drink while pregnant…

    1. Nothing classy about her. And she is def not holding it for a joke, Especially the burning cigirello in her right hand. pure trash.

  2. there’s no first? no i don’t want a cookie. i would prefer popcorn. but, i wanna smack dat bitch. drinking while pregnant, -sigh-

    1. es kann auch möglich sein das sie was alkoholfreies trinkt und normalerweise darf man mindestens 1 glas wein oder bier trinken in der woche!, also mal ganz leis sein, rauchen und drogen sind viel schlimmer

  3. @Professor- What the hell are you talking about, “Classy”?? Classy bitches don’t wear t-shirts for dresses or joke around with alcohol and smokes while pregnant. DUH?!

  4. U see the beer but look whats in her other hand oh nasty girl i bet she came back to where she got pregnant to look for the babys daddy !! Ha …or the caption should say YOLO!!

  5. Come on, guys!!! The beer bottle is obviously just a superficial ash tray for her black and mild! DUH… lesser of two evils? Never heard the preggo saying, “beer: too severe, smoke: total joke?” Now THAT is responsible!

    1. If you look close…its an almost full beer…and she smoking a black and mild….trashy and selfish on both levels.

    2. I know Steve-O… I know. It’s also a risk to your unborn child’s health and development during pregnancy. It can kill them.

  6. She looks happy (you can tell by the smile), a lot happier than your miserable basement-dwelling ass fapping to digital perfection and dreaming of that glorious moment when you first talk to or touch an actual woman.

    Q: U jelly?
    A: Pathetically yes.

    1. sometimes I like to eat babies. but I smile while doing it. so it’s ok.

      but anyway…maybe next time don’t make it so obvious that you’re strangely attracted to underage pregnant chicks while you’re trying to call people pathetic on the internet.

  7. Why is that a fail? It’s not like the little chimp would have had any chance of amounting to anything anyway.

  8. This is why we should teach birth control in our schools, because obviously abstinence isn’t working…

    1. As opposed as I am to that book, if it will get these dumbass teenagers to read, Ill support it…

    2. I find it EXTREMELY difficult to communicate with the younger generation through text, they have to use all kinds of fucked up abbreviations.

    3. I had a night class for the last 4 months. When we would take a break, everyone would be texting. How the hell can they think they’re being social? And I’ll bet most were updating their Facebook accounts. Ya know, “the social network”?

    4. Yeah, I don’t get the appeal, I get how it works and all, but I just don’t get why they need to share EVERYTHING. I mean I had this kid in the ER who wanted us to take pictures of literally everything to post of his facebook and twitter. The moron could barely tell us his name but made sure to ask us to take pictures. Humanity at its finest 🙁

    5. Discrete Math was what I was taking in that particular class. I’ve worked alot in communications electronics and industrial electronics. I’m going through Computer Information Systems now.

  9. How is this a fail? She is 100% successful in what she wanted. They dont care about their children. Its all about the Government Cheese she will be getting after popping out another illegitimate offspring. Its not likely her first and certainly not her last. Oh and the other one IS NOT white. She probably has about 3 kids as well and by the looks of her gut she probably had just popped one out.

  10. Stupid biatch… If you are pegnant, only a small sip of alcohol will make your baby handicaped (im not good at typing english)… its true so if you want to pay alot for medecin, weelchairs and shit, do as her.. ._.

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