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    2. Ha ha it is very nice to see small mined people post of these sort of videos. Maybe it is fake, maybe it is real but please be ambiguous with your thinking. If you are American then i apologise as i know you find this mind set difficult. I know how bad that sounds but i am sick of idiotic people thinking they can make a sweeping statement with no retort. Please feel free to take me on with you limited vocab! all the best you fucking tart

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  1. It’s called the law of attraction, it’s a law just as much as gravity. It works, and people don’t believe it works because people are close minded about the significance of will power and faith in ones self.

  2. this is a very heart-warming and sad video. it made me believe that i should never give up hope no matter how hard life gets and that determination is key to success in anything and that i should never give up. I’m so glad i got to see this video. it gave me hope again.

  3. wow thats all you get nothing for being first i want my god damn
    cookie what the hell who do i talk to about getting my cookie

  4. I’m so glad to see we are taking good care of our vets and he didn’t have to do this on his own… πŸ™

  5. And think of all the healthy people with two good arms & legs, 20/20 vision in each eye, and who do nothing but feel sorry for themselves. Congratulations, my friend.

  6. I usually don’t care for wins on this site.. this one is actually decent. It’s not a,”painting on someone’s face”, or a,”sand castle” win. With that said, I don’t go on to look at wins. Just make a site called , “”… otherwise, just quit that shit!. Youtube is filled with empowering videos! I want to see kids trying to skate, russians trying to drink more than they can, and emo kids trying to fight! I’ll raise my spirits elsewhere!

  7. To the ones who enjoyed this your good hearted people. To the few making fun of this you should get a life and watch this video some day when your old or injured.

    1. I will do that as I am always on the lookout for decent masturbation material when I am feeling low

  8. Years later his daughter got 3 kids and he thought them karate. we also know him as mister miyagi…

  9. All the smart asses on here on really funny but pick your topics a little better. This fuckin guy kicks ass. Give him props.

    1. And you know this how? A simple google would have told you they were deployed in the Gulf War of 1991. They helped in the capture of 1000s of enemy forces and suffered no casualties.

    2. The guy didn’t claim that he jumped into the gulf. When you’re in the 82nd Airborne, you jump all the time, for practice. Many Airborne Soldiers have hundreds of jumps over their careers, all of them in the U.S. You don’t think that a jump into a combat zone is those Soldiers’ first time parachuting, right? It takes lots of training not to kill or injure yourself to do a static line parachute jump out of a C-130 from 1000 feet in the air. But, the cumulative effect of smashing your head and back on the ground over just a few years can be significant.

  10. This is an amazing video. His story is remarkable and one that should be shared. He should be given all the credit and respect in the world and anyone who makes light of his story should be shot.

    With that said why is this on EpicFail. It’s a humor site not an emotional feel good site. Epic Win for the guy in the video though!

  11. Very inspiring! But now the Veterans Administration will probably take away his monthly disability checks and status.

    1. he probably doesn’t give a shit about the money. he can fucking walk and run again! I’d give up money for that.

  12. So you mean exercise and weight loss helps the knees? Really? Shocking. Good for him though. Just proves how many less “handicap” people we would have if people would lay off the McDonalds and work out a little. It kills me to see fat people part in handicap spaces just because they are lard asses. You aren’t going to loose weight by taking shorter walks.

    1. Really, Guy? He wasn’t that way when he damaged his back jumping from aircraft in a parachute. He damaged his back and knees. Hence, the braces that lead to the weight gain that led to the wheel chair then more weight gain. Eventually he said “screw it” and did something. Even if DDP (bless him) didn’t encourage him, he eventually would have succeeded because of his obvious determination. It’s ok to be a hater sometimes but, all the time?

  13. I’d be damn if this video is fake. Kinda odd that someone would video tape them self, almost as if he knew the outcome before he started,as if there were no serious injury, or possible fake all along. But otherwise, damn.

  14. any body know who this guy is a great video great job man love to thank him my self for not giveing up

  15. The only thing that stops us from living is the words of others. If he had listened to his doctors, he would be existing. Instead he found Yoga a 5000year old spirituality that proves over and over that we are capable of creating our own miracl. Yoga saves lives every day. All it takes is one good Yoga Instructor to change a person’s life forever. This story is an inspiration. Thank You!!

  16. Haha you guys are all idiots! Ima make sure I capitalize all my words, use a vocabulary that I normally do not have and spend 15 minutes posting a retort on the internet in order to feel like I webtastically bitch slapped someone.

  17. A lesson for the rest of the world. And a reminder of what people mean to their government when they’re not needed anymore. They’re just disposable elements, just like vehicles.

    Many loose body parts which is sadder. They fight because they were told, even if it is a lie. Not fair when you see each one as a human being.

  18. This man made an epic journey. I wonder how many people have the courage to do something of equitable value for themselves. I frequently hear people say, “It’s impossible, I cant do it.” when it relates to something they could change in their lives. This man can walk again, run again, and balance upsidown like Bruce Lee. This is a story about overcoming obstacles, and saving your own life. Usually I wouldn’t retort against people who troll stories like this simply because they are silly, and they need to say negative things about the triumph of another. However, I say this to all trolls on this post. SHAME ON YOU!! SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!! <3

  19. The strange thing about this is, it is impossible to heal any knee injury without major surgery. Because of the configuration and material that knees are made of, they do not heal naturally. If he was unable to walk due to a knee injury, losing weight and doing physical exercise and therepy could not help whatsoever. If this is real, then he had some pretty extensive surgery somewhere along that timeline, and just didn’t show it. It’s a medical fact.

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