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    1. They put the fun in fundamentalism and, oddly enough, they also put the mental in it too.

    2. We’ll see who’s laughing at the end. Hope you guys can laugh when youre burning in hell.

    3. @FRED, WHAT????? I never know you lick a woman ASS-O….. YES!! MARA, FRED Is the best….

    4. @Mara- Once you get past the initial shock, its really quite amazing, you get a completely different type of orgasm. It’s not something you want to do everyday (unless your in porn) but on special occasions its a treat for both partners. 😉

    5. @Mara- Just so you know, I’m already “going to hell”… I’m just trying to get a good spot now!

  1. Typical atheist misquote. That part in Leviticus is specifically dealing with the pagan religious rituals of the people living around the Israelites. Nothing to do with Christians lol

    1. Lol typical sayings of a Christian. Christianity is a mix of paganism and Judaism and Sumerian creation stories. Constantine did that purposely, because “the control it had over the masses.” There is so much added and, omitted also along the way. Who is to tell what its original message was. And check REV:18 out if you don’t think it was editted.

    2. Well, I’ll get corrected on this but Pagans are defined by different views. To many Christians, Pagans are religions other than than “standard” ones. Some would say that the Druids were “the” Pagans. I think I’m correct to say that originally the Romans that practiced any kind of rituals to the old Roman gods were the original Pagans. Native Americans were considered Pagans. Some say Satanic cults were Pagans.
      Now, someone correct my mistakes on this, because I admit I’m no expert.

    3. @Bluntgirl- It depends on who you talk to, but typically it is a polytheistic (meaning many gods) religion.
      Many people who call themselves pagan today practice magic in addition to worshiping many gods. They also tend to interchange the words ‘wiccan’ and ‘pagan’.
      That’s about the extent of my knowledge.

    4. I could have sworn Leviticus was Old Testament. You know, before Jesus and Chritians.

    5. Daniel yes… before this quote, there were wuotes like “do not cut your hair, do not shave”
      if you judge the man by the tattoo… we all are going to hell for shaving and cutting hair off

      *Jesus is so facepalming right now*

  2. actually it relates to not tattooing or mutilating your body in an attempt to gain favor and entrance to heaven for an already deceased person as was custom with some. in other words don’t tattoo your buddy’s name on you to make sure they get to heaven.

  3. what an idiot that he couldn’t notice that he was doing. if you are religious you must not have tattoos and especially if its someone dead. also you shouldn’t have any religious items and pictures in your household because that too is a sin. “he” is suppose to be worship in spirit not through religious items and images. oh well, it doesn’t concern me.

    1. Also, it’s a sin to stand on a street corner and preach. You’re supposed to do it in a church. Or in a closet. Or at the bottom of a swimming pool filled with gummy worms. So sayeth the Lord.

    2. excuse me… the bible says “do not cut your hair, do not shave yourself, do not eat anything with blood on it”
      we all are going to hell for this… (I eat rice stew with chicken’s blood)
      Im just saying.. this is not a fail…

  4. I find it funny how he said only God can judge and hes judging that poor soul oh I found RoccoL trolling on failblog same name and ID pic

  5. This just proves that none of these Jesus freaks know what the hell they’re talking about nor what’s actually in the bible…

  6. Hahahaha xD Oh my evolution, that’s funny!!! (I’m an atheist so “oh my god” or “oh my devil” just felt wrong) Mara: I’m sorry… hell? Do you actually think atheist believe in hell? We barely believe in this world (well at least me) xD

  7. I’m so glad to be an atheist, I don’t want to think about Jesus watching me while im fingering myself 🙂

    1. Don´t worry. Religious or not, we are all stupid. A dim-witted, evil and cruel kind.

      I heard once, why is God (if there is one) treating us so severely – it´s because he´s looking at us every day and he is unbeliveably furious, because we remind him constantly, that creating a man was THE MOST EPIC FAIL EVER!!! 🙂

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