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    1. What you talkin’ bout’, LAughinyourface? (Pause for laughter) Aint you the one that touch me in my funny spots? *Standing Ovation and extended applause*

    2. Without laugh tracks, how would we Uhmericans know we’re supposed to laugh?
      And the dumb blonde sitting beside us would be bitching so much about how she can’t understand what’s going on, that we would miss 90% of what is being said anyway.
      Give us a fucking break, will ya?

    3. Well, Blunt Girl,(somber piano music playing) the truth is that I’ve been lying to you about my grades. I’m actually passing all my classes and I’ve been putting the joint to my mouth but not inhaling. I just wanted you to be proud of me because… I want to be just like you. (audience awws) Blunt girl comes to the realization that she has been to concerned about what she wants from Ximenez, that she never bothered to be concerned about what HE wanted.

    1. I don’t know if I’m supposed to laugh or not, mainly because I don’t know what you just said…

    2. Just ignore him kelta. Don’t make any sudden movements and maybe he’ll forget you’re there.

    3. Ha! I’d like to make a sudden move and slice his carotid arteries… He’s a waste of human flesh and deserves to be eliminated…

    4. But without me and my good buddy, 2lolo, how would people calibrate their PC meters to an absolute zero?


    I want to Thank You 2 For giving FRED his first ENEMA…. But most of all FRED first female BLOW-JOB…..

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