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    1. The blue hair doesn’t do it for me. And the inverted ankh is just blaphemous to our Lord Ra.

    2. I think it’s just brutally honest and honesty is the best foundation for a long, happy relationship. That’s why I wear my “I have a tiny penis” t-shirt and “premature ejaculator” baseball cap.

    3. Now if only everyone would wear shit like that! I’d have a ‘Total Bitch’ cap and an ‘I will steal your girlfriend’ shirt…

    4. I didn’t realise you were a lezzer! Should’ve said before! I’ve been a practising lesbian for about 10 years now. We have much to discuss.

    5. I’m only half lez Nicky… But I’d be more than willing to give you some lessons!

    1. As I’ve said before, when all one has to work with is “ugly”, then about all one can do is accentuate it.

  1. KELTA.ROSE, It’s about time you posted your picture.. How about posting your picture of your TATTOO on your ASS….. That Said “ALWAYS OPEN”

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