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  1. Great moves (even black people with no limbs can dance better than me) but I suspect she’d steal focus as a back-up dancer. Should definitely give herself a pat on the back for being such an inspiration.

  2. That girl ended up losing all her limbs, but Lady Gaga gets to run around with all hers (plus an extra penis). Life is really unfair.

  3. I agree that she’s an inspiration and all…and I know I’m gonna catch shit…but I feel that it’s good that she’s female, cause…quite frankly…this hurts my balls to watch.

    1. @Jimmy- If you are going to insult someone will you please learn how to use punctuation? And it would be ‘bit’ not ‘bite’…

    2. Agreed Fred… It’s ok to bite, but not the genitals, unless that’s your fetish of choice.

    3. I never bite the female genitalia, unless I’m visiting her in the morgue. But, then that’s kinda redundant to say, I guess.

  4. Is it strange that I find the urge to want to hold her down and fuck her?

    j/k. Thats just scary. Sucks to be her.

    1. how disrespectful your comment is Foez. this woman is brave and she shows that even when disabled like she is she can still live her life to the fullest. respect to her

    2. U mad bro? Trust me, this girl is dying to get laid. If it wasn’t for sicko’s then she probably never would get laid.

    3. i was thinking the same thing. just throw her around basically use her torso to jerk my dick off w/

  5. shes perfect if she catches on fire just roll bitch roll…and yes i would fuck her limbs off(no phun intended)

  6. I know a guy with the same handicap. He can school you at Mortal Kombat and he rolls a mean blunt. He would have made a much cooler video

  7. So, what’s the moral here? People with two good arms and legs and everything working just FINE, why don’t you stop complaining for a moment and use all your potential, if you have it..Including myself. So yeah, It always feels like you need to lose something in your life to be more determinated , motivated about moving on, reaching your dreams and all. I will do it! ( I talk about Finals…lol) yeah, I wasn’t motivated at all.

    1. Sounds like an awful lot of effort. Have you considered dropping out, taking drugs and masturbating constantly? Oh, and I like how you said “reaching your dreams” on a video about a girl with no limbs. You heartless bitch.

  8. CONFIDENCE!!!!!!!!! FRED, Just have some!!!!!!!
    President Obama said he want’s all GAYS to have Rights!!! To Be Married to each other… VOTE FOR OBAMA……

  9. i bet anything doctors said she would definity never walk agian. there she is with no legs walkin it off like a champ. i just want to know why more people are not walking it off like coach always said. yo steven hawkins walk it off bro. jk. but seriously lady at the grocery store thats so fat you need a buggy walk it off bro.

  10. All of you sick assholes who keep saying they want to nail her are full of shit. This is a person with feelings, pain and as clearly seen, ambitious aspirations for her life. For once can you get your heads out of your asses and see a woman as a human being and not an object for your pleasure and gratification? We get it. Your parents were horrible pieces of shit you let you loose to grow up like a fucking pack of rabid wolves. Congratulations! You’re one of the millions of people out there on why the world is the way it is. Instead of mocking this girl you should be looking at yourself in shame and realize that in your entire life you’ve done much less than this strong, resilient young woman has done in her 16 years of life. She has physical shortcomings but she definitely surpasses her level of success in comparison to all of you lazy, unrefined pieces of shit. Keep sitting in your dinky apartments, masturbating to amateur porn, making a huge waste of time, space and resources. You won’t be laughing when the doctor tells you have prostate cancer from your high fat, high calorie diet of cheesy poofs and natty light. You fucking shit eaters. Seriously, do the world a favor: choke yourself a little harder next time you decide to pathetically jerk yourself off. Sons of bitches.

  11. I never thought a qual-amputee could be hot, but this girl is hella hot. Seriously, who wouldn’t date her? dam…

  12. i will most proberbly on here be called a buzzkill due to the lack of humanity and the high level of purile comments on this site but i agree with srslywtfppl. it seems that kids nowadays nowadays just sit behind their computer screens safe in the knowledge that no-one can physically touch or talk one 2 one so they post the usual banal adolescant crap about anyone whos not in “their” criteria in “their” tiny middle class not going to lower myself to abuse these imbasciles as that would put me in that horrible box world of yours..but what i would say is, save this video, live another 15 years, then when the inevetable happens i.e greif,an illness of a family member or yourselves, or anything really which hasn’t ticked your shallow box yet, go back to this vid and then look at your comments..i seriously hope that nothing bad happens to the purile pubescants on here but inevitabley something will, so in the meantime do what you think is funny to please “the others” who live in that box coz karma works in weired ways…much love

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