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People Fail

“My seven year old’s homework.  The authors of first grade math books may want to rethink what they have these kids draw for lessons in measurement.”

Submitted by Liora W.

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  1. well first of all he is seven years old, he shouldnt have any clue as to what thats “”suppose to look like” as long as he knows they’re scissors its fine. I dont think our dirty sick minds should interfere with a seven year old’s homework just as long as nobody tells him what its looks like

    1. You realize that seven year old boys actually HAVE penises, right? You don’t just discover it at puberty.

    2. The picture of the scissors looks as much like a dick as anything the kid could draw. So how could the kid draw a pair of scissors without it looking like a dick? This fascination with everybody seeing dicks everywhere lends proof Freud was right (in some cases, at least). I’ve always thought the sex thing was Freud’s personal problem. I guess he was not alone.

    3. Fred seeing cunts everywhere is ok it’s when you smell them eveywhere that there’s an issue.

      2lolo is like herpes, it just keeps coming back

  2. sure is a pretty good artist for being 7… and dont be so naive POOP.. Im sure if he rides public school buses, he knows exactly what he drew.. sorry.. I have a 21, 12, and 9 year old boys, and they know more that I ever did at that age..

  3. That parent is clearly using this child’s perfect example of childhood innocence as way of gaining their 15 Minutes of Fame. Any decent parent would have more respect for their child, and not turn a simple school lesson into something sexual.

    1. omg get a grip – the fact that it was done innocently is what makes it funny. Why are you on EF if you don’t have a sense of humour??

  4. That’s my daughter’s artwork there. She has no idea why this picture is funny. It was all completely innocent. She was trying so hard to draw scissors!

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