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  1. Can’t say black without people saying i’m racist. So I will just say that it’s amazing what “urban” people thinks is cool fashion these days.

    1. You shouldn’t be afraid to call it like it is… don’t pander to the politically correct liberal morons. Besides, is it really racist to say “that massive porch monkey probably stood in some chicken grease on her way to Walmart”? Yes, yes it is. You racist bastard.

    2. It’s amazing that “non-urban” people are so interested in “urban” people’s fashion, so much so that they leave a comment on every picture of an “urban” person.

    3. hey im black…and that person is right dont be afraid to say the truth….the thing is i dont consider this behavior cool at all….in fact its things like this that make me ashamed to even be black!!! ps most black ppl that have issues with ppl saying stuff are just ignorant!! speak your mind!!:)

  2. Why is it almost always those fat black chicks that have those “Strange addictions”, “mmmm, I eat my Nike rubber”

  3. Hey Hey Hey, it’s Fat Alberta…what have we gots to eats today? mmmmm Jordan’s, wheres my Louisiana hot sauce?

  4. When you run out food in the fridge cupboards freezer and garbage….. You turn to shoes. Hey if its leather atleast it came.from a cow….. You pig

  5. One “like” could feed 20 children in africa, please don’t you have a heart? These children are starving!

  6. The black female Homer Simpson. This shoe had beer spilled on it so she is making damn sure it doesn’t go to waste.

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