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  1. Be better if that woman were naked… and having sex with the fish. 15 years of Internet porn has taken it’s toll on my imagination.

  2. Whenever I see these street art photos it makes me think that the homeless are getting REALLY good meth and tweekin on the streets…

    1. @KELTA.ROSE, No you can’t wash your ass in an art.. Next time us a sex toy to finger yourself…..

    2. Your right, I cant wash my ass in art, though I can really get dirty that way… And I will certainly use my sex toys, all the time. I’m thinking about doing a ‘bateathon one of these days. I strongly suggest you do the same, it sounds like your really pent up…

  3. pretty redundant…I’d be more interested in a street-art fail. These pics are automatic wins. yawn

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