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    1. u say they are costumed like avengers and they have batman.. did u at least watch the film dude?

  1. At least wear matching shoes!!! And wtf is up with Green Lantern?! He’s DC for crying out loud! What dorks!

  2. green lantern in sneakers? cap like a baseball game hotdog vendor, iron man on socks? the big ball sack batman

    1. Ha! That’s pretty good. I especially like the “Captain Faberica”. I think it ties with my “Captain Uhmerica”. But mine pisses Uhmericans off more so I won’t need to steal yours.

    2. Isn’t technology amazing, I’m here in Ho Chi Minh and still can enjoy the fail. Fred, feel free to use “Flaberica” in my absence. 🙂

    3. I think Captain Flaberica is wearing a parachute.
      Or come to think of it, Captain Flaberica thinks he’s wearing a parachute.

    4. That’s probably a backpack that he’s brought his lunch in. He’s always prepared, ya know.

    5. At least, his mom is.
      She never lets him leave without a home-made picnic, just in case.

    6. And Fatmans Mom stuffed a couple oranges down in his briefs and fondly (or fondlingly) patted his crotch before he left home.

  3. Is Batman wearing a Bat-Colostomy Bag? Or a Bat-Fanny Pack? They’re all bad, but Batman’s just fucking discraceful!!!

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