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    1. some of you by now have figured out that I am not in fact 2lolo, and have likely deduced that I stole his screen name and am posting embarrassing shit under his identity. I took down the mightiest troll here, and in so doing, became the ultimate troll. have any of you SEEN 2lolo since I did this?
      you’re welcome.

    2. I don’t think any of what you wrote was more embarrassing than what he usually writes, but anyway, if you actually managed to take him out, you deserve a cookie. Hell, a glass of milk too.

  1. I’m looking at the ad on the side here. It says ChristianMinge. I wonder if anybody’s tried that, and if so is ChristianMinge any good?

    1. My dad does!! And well….I’m guessing it works for him cause he is talking to like 10 girls lol

  2. Hahahahahah thats one of the funniest videos i’ve seen on here in a while. Did you see her reach out for it when he picked it up? Did ya? And then she fell back down did ya see that? Silly woman.

    1. No I didn’t see it! Thanks for pointing that out! I kept closing my eyes at the eight second mark!

  3. It’s hard to be chivalrous to a woman so willing to put herself in such an undignified position just so she can basically steal a baseball.

  4. red sox players dont like women touching their balls they only enjoy throwing their balls into a bunch of manly hands…
    boston is so gay

  5. What a douche. She’s wearing a skimpy outfit trying to grab your balls and you just give it away to a dude.

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