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    1. This isn’t shit, it’s actual music, the kind that was used long before “bands” made their music with an apple computer, or stealing other older songs, and using them as background to their “songs”.

    2. I’m with knifey on this. Even though he’s a good musician (singing a shitty song)…watch this video on youtube. Don’t put it on epicFAIL.

    1. I’m sorry to disappoint but I’m taken. Mara’s mudflaps and I just decided to forget the “see other people” crap.
      If only you posted yesterday…


    I know he is not singing about you… Damn!! girl..
    Your only 4feet 10inch. tall and 210 pound. A Bowling Ball look better than you……

    1. Well, if that were the case then it’s lucky for me that the internet allows me access to people who have fat midget fetishes… And even if I did look that way I’d still pull more pussy and dick than you, so I don’t feel so bad…

  2. Im gonna say what all the guys usually say….its just on the other side of the spectrum…”I’d tap that”

  3. Fail. He is talented, but fucks up the lyrics in the first 30 seconds. Also this song sucked before anyway.

  4. Ok, bro. Ditch the fat ass look, hit the gym, change your diet, and you will bang everything that moves with that talent.

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