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  1. If every other black comedian is anything to go by, his impromptu nap was probably by far the funniest thing ever to happen at one of his shows. Why is it that most black comedians aren’t funny? And why do most black people have such massive mouths? I’m not racist by the way. I love black cock.

    1. Ah, well, great…we can’t call you gay…but we can still call you a douche bag, you douche bag.

    2. Call me what you like… I said “I love black cock” so you’re definitely OK to call me gay. Please don’t call me racist though cus I genuinely do love jungle bunnies.

  2. Are you kidding me Nicky…

    Dave Chapelle
    Tracy Morgan
    Bernie Mac
    Martin Lawrence
    Eddie Murphy
    Patrice Oneal
    Eddie Griffin
    Chris Rock

    -All fucking hilarious comedians

    1. I have to disagree with Kat Williams and Martin Lawrence. You seem to get your dose of black comedy from comedy central. I don’t know if they have def comedy jam anymore, but that’s where I found out about black comedy.

    2. Kigns of Comedy is where I first watched black comedy. Katt Williams is one of the best comedians period.

    3. “most black comedians aren’t funny”… so 10 out of thousands is still pretty poor. The only person on that list who I’d consider funny is Eddie Murphy… and that’s only in a dated, nostalgic way, from scripted 80’s comedy. Guess I’m just a racist bastard.

    4. Chris Rock isn’t as funny as he is honest. He’s not the first person to say what everyone else wants to say, but he does it pretty well. During the Comedy awards, while introducing the award for best stand up comedy, he said something along the lines that three of them were funny, one of them used to be funny, and one of them was never funny. I laughed my ass off because I knew exactly what he was talking about. As far as the kings of comedy go, Bernie Mac wasn’t half bad, but his approach is no different than Chris Rock’s. Kat Williams is almost as bad as Kevin Hart.

    5. One not mentioned here is Tommy Davidson. I saw him one night and he was funny as hell. My date and I went backstage and talked to him after the show.
      Problem I have with him is I found out that the next night he went out with the same girl I took to see him. The motherfucker. And that is no lie. I know many will think it is though.
      More power to him. Bitch got on my nerves anyway. Pussy was pretty good though.

    6. Damn! That sucks…. Other unmentioned acts include: Charlie Barnett, Bruce Bruce, Lavell Crawford and Deeray Davis. Deeray did some All-star comedy jam and Aries Spears was on there too. I remember him from shitty Madtv sketches but his standup was pretty good. I’m sure there are plenty other good black comics, but Marston’s list is not the best reference point.

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