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    1. We’ll go by the christian porn shop to get her a christ vibrator and crucifix dildo…

    2. I’ll join I’ll join! lol joke 😀 I’ll go sip my tea now, it’s 8o’clock.

  1. See kelta you were making me rethink my decision but you had to mention the Christian stuff…. Anyway what were you saying?

    1. Ok, scratch that… I’ll show you an orgasmicly good time, and I promise to be good… well, as good as I can be anyway…

    2. Candy? I hope it’s skittles so you can put them in her puss so I can taste the rainbow 😉

    3. That’s wonderful. Now I don’t need p0rn anymore. I just have to go on EF and look for some Mara/Fred/Kelta action. It’s hot, creative, funny, and free. What p0rn will never be.

    4. Fred, Mara and Kelta
      I am interested and would like to know more about you and perhaps even join you

    5. No, we’ll tie you up and make you watch… Then torture you to death and have sex on your still warm corpse…

    6. Yay! Necro-p0rn! Is there any room for a frog? I won’t interfere in any way, don’t worry.

    7. Okay, forget it. But this is discrimination you know. Not my fault if frogs don’t have mudflaps.

    8. I call it an Epic Win orgy… And I guess I could get into the whole cos-play thing Grenouille, I mean I hope that’s what your talking about and not some very strange beastiality…

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