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    1. No 2lolo if I was going to off myself, it would be WAY more creative than just pulling a trigger…

    1. To shoot at these birds that be eating the fruits off my trees Fred, what else do people use these guns for?

    2. really who has a bb gun and doesnt use it ! I maen really thats just a waste!!!!!!!!

  1. This is a very boring and predictable game of Russian Roulette. All he’d do after firing is swear to himself then nurse a lovely dark bruise on his temple.

  2. Why didn’t anyone recognize that he has an i Phone? If you have a life that’s good enough to have one of those and you’re still unhappy then you really should pull the trigger because you will never be happy.

  3. Pull, Mexican!! Maybe the BB will hit an artery, you’ll bleed out and we’ll all live happily ever after!! You’re a fail for being on Epic Fail.

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