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    1. I couldn’t care less, fact is, he’s making more money than ya’ll you think he cares about your sorry asses? nigga please, get real!

  1. He’s a fukn idiot. I can’t stand him. Especially when he sways back & forth when he talks. He thinks he’s a wigga

    1. He looks like Richard Nixon in this picture. You think he’ll be president some day? I’ll bet he will be. He’ll get the women votes.

    2. Fred, thankfully because he’s a filthy Canadian he could never be president of the U.S. Otherwise we would all be screwed…

    3. Oh! He’s Canadian? Fuck! What do I know? Except that JImmy gets a boner when he reads my comments. I know that. Don’t ya, Jimmy my boy?

  2. Justin Bieber you think because you wear girl jeans that your jeans would fit that gay ass of your’s. Bieber could you be anymore of a loser?

  3. All of you haters are an epic fail. You guys are all just jealous that you don’t have 24 million girls chasing you and wanting you. Every hater i have ever met is single and a nerd. stop hating and go get a fucking makeover assholes.

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