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    1. Fred you like hello kitty panties? Does that mean you like, like 12 years olds??

    2. Mara’s not 12. She’s a big girl. She also has Sylvester saying, “I’m a bad ol’ puttytat”.
      You guys just don’t see many panties, do you?

    3. The strippers here in asia wear hello kitty undies, not that I would know, why wife told me.

  1. Congratulations, you just ruined any opportunity at getting a respectful job. If you even had an opportunity to begin with…or if you ever even wanted one.

    1. @Eva- That was absolutely the funniest thing Iv read today! You get a gold star, or perhaps you’d prefer a white one?

  2. “Welcome to Ernst & Whinny C.P.A. firm. If we decide to hire you, what skills would you bring to the company?”

  3. If he ever has to stand for a Police lineup (odds VERY good), will cops ever find five persons similar in appearance to stand next to him?

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  5. maybe someone told him hellokitty would sponsor him if he got the logos tattooed on his face? or, if this was an attempt to impress a female? some tribal ritual…? he was asleep? maybe he was born like that? i dont know…maybe one day be able to file discrimination suit? but all the kids are getting them, lolol

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