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  1. You know what… I don’t get it. Sounds like EpicFail is trying too hard again. I do understand the idea one fixes teeth, the other pulls them? is that supposed to be the fail. EpicFail I hate you. I just wanted to wake up to some clean easy fail postings. Not solve the rubik’s cube mystery. Now my head hurts. Damn You.

    1. Amy, your head hurts b/c you are a retard 🙂 Do you need oral or facial ? let me know 🙂

    2. I agree, not the best fail but I think they were referring to the “Oral and Facial” part of the sign… Take some Ibuprofen and look again sweetie…

  2. yes Orthodontists cater to mouths and faces. whats next a box of tampons going to be marked as an epic fail for saying “for vaginal use”?

  3. OMG…what’s hilarious is that I live around the corner from where this sign is and I giggle every time I pass it. My husband thinks I’m a bit retarded.

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