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    1. That’s too bad! Someone should take him out of action before he ruins a band then!
      Grohl is why Kurt killed himself. Look how shitty Nirvana got after douchebag Dave joined.

    2. Are you kidding? While I’d agree to the notion that Nevermind is massively overrated and also somewhat over-produced, In Utero was a damn fine Album!

    1. Did anyone else notice that the parents are both tan with dark hair and the kid is light skinned with light hair? I think they stole him…

    2. You may be right! I think I just threw a milk carton away with his picture on it!
      He kinda looks like Keith Moon, but he’s too young.
      Could have been shot back in the 70s when Yoko first discovered Nokia had a vibrate option. But then there would be video to show that too.

  1. That lil guy sure likes Nirvana – Well, that’s not a bad taste in music so far…
    plus there’s a legitimate successor for Dave Grohl now

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