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  1. Wow! Korean girls are so nice and ask so politely. Unlike American women that just demand it, “Okay, fucker! Enough with the small talk! Just gimme the cock!”
    And Koreans girls feel they MUST pay!
    Well, I know where I’m going on my next vacation.

    1. yeah, and the best part is that they don’t laugh when they see it, cause they’re used to tiny wangs over there. and they have small hands. it’s a triple win.

    2. if I made your day then I’d call it a win, not a double fail. unless you hate it when someone makes your day, in which case I apologize.

    3. Guys with “tiny wangs” always assume that other guys have them too. And no! I’m not gonna show you my dick, 2homo. You can get your cheap thrills some other way.

    4. I figured as much. He got overnight “telligence”. Well, how long till the original shows back up. Wait I probably just jinxed us…

    5. I think the “original” is sulking over this right now. After he goes through the sulking stage and then begins the anger stage he’ll be back talking shit with a vengence.

    6. At first I thought it was Nicky but his grammar is slightly better. Unless he’s deliberately not capitalising the beginnings of his sentences to try to throw us off the trail.

      He seems to be using the same avatar…. could it be possible? 3 options…

      1 – 2lolo was actually the worst kind of troll, the kind that pretends to be retarded and now he’s got bored with it
      2 – this is an imposter
      3 – He received some sort of radical stem-cell treatment or brain transplant.

    7. Oh, it’s definitely #2. I think I recognize the typing and have narrowed it down to two possibilities. I think it’s Foodrapist or Fellowfailure. I could be wrong of course.

    8. DAMN!!!!!! FUCKING RIGHT!!!!!! FRED!!!!! You will never have my DICK in your mouth or MAN HOLE!!!! STOP DREAMING!!!!!

    9. Close, but you’re still a no-go at the 2lolo impression station. He’s much more of a fuckwit.

    10. @JK, My grammar is bad but you can still read it…
      Why that makes you????? DING-BAT……

    11. I’m still not convinced, you have started injecting some all-caps words which definitely ramps up the 2lolo retardedness; unfortunately for this ruse, you are actually spelling more words correctly than incorrectly. Nice try, but you have a long way to go (and much of your brain to remove) before you can reach the epic moronic stupidity of 2lolo.

      Haha this could be kind of fun, pretending to be 2lolo but writing sensible / legible stuff.

    12. Not to mention the fact that for the longest time the real 2lolo never replied to his own posts, just moved on and said something even more retarded…

    13. What the fuck is going on here, I go to Asia and 2lolo starts speaking english, when I’m home he sounds asian. I’m so confused right now.

    1. kim? fuck you ,,,, you bitch do you know that your fucking asshole is dirty than my garage !!!

  2. So, the first time she asked for a Cola, and the waitress didn’t understand. And after she realized her mistake, she went back, and proudly asked for a cock. That’s some improvement allright…

  3. Is it that important to learn how to ask for a cigarette in a different language? Why not “Please give me heroin.” I guess in this scenario: someone is going to be smoking a cigarette or a cock.

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