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    1. Screw the cookie! Just give them a sicker, that states “I’m stupid, because I posted First!” >:P

  1. Where did he get that fuckin’ wig? Bang on though. He only needs to work on his shoulders, you know, arch it a little bit more. And probably his lips, he needs to make it more effortless, like the phase before you become a full-blown duckfaced slut, not the full-on one.

  2. really…not one person is going to say anything about the murderer in the back of this picture? he was probably killed after taking this.

  3. That’s KELTA.ROSE in the white T-shirt… KELTA.ROSE look better with Make-up on… But her Blow-Job is the best in town….

    1. He’s been awful nice lately, and he’s had a lot of comments about blow jobs…. You think he’s been watching us again?

    2. Yeah, I know. Maybe he’s coming to the conclusion that he doesn’t have to be all “ass to mouth” like how his grandfather taught him.

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