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  1. See? This is why I don’t like getting out in the wild with guys. They always get gayish. Fuck all this “male bonding” shit. I hire hookers to go camping with me.

    1. Even though she said she was kidding on our conversation from last night I think that was just a cover because we didn’t include her… You think british mudflaps look any different?

    2. We’re all going camping and trying to get britishgirl to come… It’s going to be sexy camping!

    3. Now we don’t want the two 2lolos following us or we’ll be returning home with lips sewn to our asses.

  2. it would’ve been funnier with a girl because for a guy to pull this off, he’s gotta be fat enough to have the titties to motorboat. in the end, you’re just insulting yourself.

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