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    1. And by “ANAL” I mean how many times have you strap-on fucked a dude’s MAN-HOLE? (HINT- I want you to fuck my MAN-HOLE with a strap-on)

    2. @Really- He’s always ‘had it in him’… but this is still the 2lolo impostor.
      @2lolo- I will not fuck your man hole with my strap because I don’t want to catch your nasty hybrid herpe-wart-chlamydia-crabs. You should really have that looked at by a professional…

    3. Hmm I’m pretty sure I’m responsible for half of the STDs you listed. I’m pretty sure I started HIV as well!

    4. We’ll have a HAZMAT team meet you! Hurry the fuck up! I’ve got girls that need a cure for all this shit now!

    5. Ya know? Thant just doesn’t make sense to keep the CDC anywhere near civilization, much less a metropolitan area of just over 5 million people…

    6. So I’m not the only one that has contemplated that. I guess Six Flags just wasn’t quite exhilarating enough for those Atlantians.

    7. Yeah, I think that zombie shit could be the cause of this recession. But then, I’m no economist. What the fuck do I know?

    1. Wanna borrow my rope? it’s good & strong. She looks like she’d snap just any rope. Ps.- I’m gonna need this shit back yo

  1. She forgot to mention: Proud to be living on welfare the rest of my life. Proud to use my welfare money for alcohol and club entry fees instead of my kid. Proud to be 300 lbs with diabetes in 3 years. Proud to teach my little girl my whorish ways. Proud when I’m a grandma at age 27.

    She really has so much to look forward too.

  2. OK FRED It’s your turn…. Be honset!! When you first learn “ASS to MOUTH” and who was your first male lover????

    1. I’ll tell you my first ASS TO MOUTH- it was with my uncle’s college roommates. But to be honest, I already did it to myself with a flashlight handle.

  3. And Yankees wonder why the rest of the world laughs at them.
    They would be much better off if they shipped all the Great Apes that are running amok back to Laughrica.

  4. OMG OMG OMG!!! It’s terrible! Such a horrible person! How could she liked her own status on fb???????????????? lol

  5. I have a feeling she left her fb open on someones computer and they wrote this…I mean who likes there own comment?

  6. That was posted by a mobile smart phone. Either she really posted that, or somebody posted it with her phone. Unless somebody else aquired her login and password.

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