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    1. But I actually don’t mind, because I grew up with my mom’s fishy pussy being rubbed all over my face every day.

    2. My mom didn’t rub her cunt all over my face, but I’d still take some of Mara’s fishy pussy over Mom’s salmon patties any day. I’d prefer to have both though.

    1. why not. i strive for the triple crown when i go on the beer. thats shit, piss and throw up all at the same time

    2. Omg!! I know right!! What a attention whore!! You should see the conversations she has with other dudes!!!

    1. From my experience, if they are living in Asia and not eating processed food, they don’t have yellow teeth. Not really sure why that is though.

    2. Oh. My friend said it was because they eat rice all the time and don’t care about dental hygiene like we do.

    3. Well, I guess it’s a percentage of how much life expectancy that they can afford to spend on their teeth. Like everyone else min the world, ya know? IDK.

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