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    1. See, shit always looks better on TV… I could have sworn the Enterprise was much larger!

    2. No problem. I just happen to have all Star Trek stuff on dvd. Don’t expect me to know shit about Sex in the City, though.

    3. Ok, I like Sci-fi but trying to read up on warp nacelles made my head hurt… I was always more into Star Wars myself… And sci-fi books are more my style…

    4. Hey! Funny story! A guy knocked on my sisters door while I was visiting her and I answered the door. He asked directions for some place, I forget, but after a little chit-chat he said his name was Ray Bradbury.
      My sister almost killed herself trying to get to the door when he said this, and we both asked at the same time, “THE RAY BRADBURY?” The guy had this, “Oh fuck, not again” grin on his face. But of course, he was not “THE RAY BRADBURY”. He was just some regular schmuck Ray Bradbury.

    5. Well, I’ve had to watch Sex and the City, but it wasn’t like I knew anything about it, other than four chicks were having first world problems. None of which I could care any less about.

    6. You had me going there!!! I would probably pass out if I met him! The chick that did the Boobie song also has one called ‘Fuck me Ray Bradbury’… But I didn’t want everyone to know how much of a dork I am…

  1. It might be a win if it was a water fueled experimental car. Otherwise it is a WTF is that fail. Seriously, WTF is that?

  2. I don’t think this car will be able to get to 88mph. Also, I don’t think that’s a flux capacitor on the top there.

  3. im pretty sure thats some kind of cooking oil purifier, which is probably used to power his car. in my opinion, thats a win!

    1. THAT was exactly my first thought, but I’ve never seen one before, so I figured I’d keep my mouth shut.

    2. Actually there is a recent fad where they make meth in one container, its called shake and bake… The probability of it exploding is pretty high. When I work in Dallas they have an astronomical number of burn cases from this new method of cooking meth…

    3. Yeah, someone was telling me about this shake and bake deal. I’ll admit though that I’m ignorant to anything meth.

    4. I only know because I see the repercussions of it all too often. And if they are coherent I talk to them about it… The lucky ones (who actually survive) a lot of times get to stay in the hospital for months getting skin grafts. It’s sad really…

    5. Well, I suspect it will only get worse with all the people with money taking it out of country to avoid paying their part in this economic fuckup we’re in.
      I heard an old fuck recently state, “By God, if people get to starving they’ll take $2 an hour to work, and be happy to get it”. Why would anyone work for less than it takes to pay to get to work?

    6. No shit! He’s completely wrong, if people get to starving they go to the government…

    7. I have to agree with the Republicans though on the idea that we’ve got generations of people relying on the government too much. I think the welfare system has created an out of control socialistic society. But I’m not sure how to deal with it, and I don’t hear anyone coming up with a logical approach on how to deal with it.
      Many say, “Let the fuckers die!”
      Then I say, “What do we do with the bodies?”
      One says, “Let them lay there and rot!”
      Another says, “No, we’ll use tax payer money to deal with the dead bodies!”
      I say, “Hell no. How are you dealing with the problem when you’re still using tax payer money?”

    8. HAHAHAH!! XD
      I’m not a politician, and I dont ever want to be, so I’m not the one to solve those kinds of problems. But I do agree that this generation relies WAY too much on the government. I pay a shitload in taxes each year because I make money from two different sources. I don’t take agricultural subsidies even though I qualify for them because I don’t NEED them. I think that is a big part of the problem, people are taking money because they want it and don’t necessarily need it.

    9. Exactly! And you see it’s not just the poor that are doing it.
      Everybody that does it rationalizes that it’s okay for them to do it, but if someone else does it, “OH, HELL NO!”
      We’ve got a small airport just outside the town that I live near and nobody uses it except the rich. They’re making major renovations to it and using tax dollars. They use tax dollars to mow and upkeep it. Why should poor or middle class pay for shit like this and never get anything from it?

    10. It’s wrong. I was raised on sayings like “If you cant pay for it out of your own pocket, then don’t get it”. Where do these rich fucks get off using taxpayer dollars for frivolous shit when they have the money to do it in their bank accounts? That money could be better spent on roads, highways, schools and hospitals… Ya know? The shit that it was supposed to go to in the first place…

    11. Right! And what about small business owners? They just can’t make a go of it. For fuck’s sake! What more do they want? I mean everything they buy for the business is given back to them in tax returns for the first 3 years and the government will come in and pave parking lots build bathrooms and the shit goes on and on. Yet, “We need to do more for small businesses!” What the fuck?

    12. I have a lot of small business or ‘main street’ customers and most of them do quite well because they have their shit in order, but it’s the ones that have no clue what they are doing and are being crushed under loans with high interest rates that make the rest of main street look bad. People just have no business sense anymore. I do a lot of my buying and selling online and when it comes time for people to meet me in person, they are shocked to find out that I’m only 25. It’s not rocket science to know that if you are borrowing more than you are making, its a stupid investment.

    13. Exactly. Before this recession people said all the time, “You gotta spend money to make money”. And that is true, but it doesn’t mean to get every loan available to you and buy every fucking thing you can buy.

  4. all I’m sure of is the generator, and that looks like a oil filled space heater on the roof, possibly a propane tank as well, I vote its a booze still that’s made to look like just some crazy shit. long story short ITS A METHANOL POWERED FUNNY CAR!!!!

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