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    1. Look. Tattoos are not fucking art. Tattoos are just shit you fuck up your body with. If you want art, put it on a canvas, okay? If it’s really good you’ll get noticed. I’ll admit this looks good, but I can paint by numbers, too. I doubt I’d get any fucking awards for it, though.

    2. No, not all tattoos are art… But you get -10 points for this comment because I have some of art on me…

    3. Well, see? I have no problem with a little tat. I just wouldn’t want a billboard on my ass. But, to each his/her own.

    4. So, would this be a bad time to tell you I have my tongue split as well? No one knows until I show them, it’s actually improved my speech because I had to relearn how to speak.

    5. Don’t get me wrong, to each their own, but I would never touch YOUR ass, especially not with my mouth…

    6. Sorry, but I’ve been sitting here contemplating how your slit would feel on the tip of my cock…I need more contemplation.


      I for one love all the tattoos on you.. The one I love the most is on your, small of your back.. When you sucking my COCK

    8. I just wanted to call FRED a stupid piece of shit. If you dont think that is art, you are a retarded fucking dick. It doesnt matter where the FUCK it is…its art. That is a LOT harder to do, than with pencils and marker…or paint. You are an ignorant piece of shit, and one day, you will die lonely and afraid, because your dilusions backed your fagget ass into a corner. You will have lost everything, and everyone, and you will die like that. ALone and afraid. FUCK you pussy bitch. Suck some dicks or somethin.

    9. BTW, Fred, when you die alone and scared, huddled in a dark corner, it will be because you don’t think tattoos are art. Just remember that, you fucked up piece of shit.

  1. i think the point is to show how legit this tattoo is!!! it looks exactly like hellboy!!! thast why its called “tattoo artist win”

  2. Even the best tattoo artist in the world wouldn’t be able to make an image look like that. It’s most likely just body paint which is somewhat cool, but mostly unremarkable.

    1. Umm…actually, a good – no, make that excellent -tattoo artist can indeed create an image like this. I’ve seen several. It’s an art form unto itself, skin is the canvas rather than the more “traditional” sort. C’mon, guys, just because it isn’t for you doesn’t make it ugly. If you don’t want one, don’t get one. And what’s wrong with being a nerd? As a female I find intellect far sexier than some slab of beef with the IQ of an amoeba…just sayin’…

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