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  1. I love the idea. Lets sew every cunt shut so they can stop fucking bleeding. Hey, while we are at it, can the sew the bitches mouth shut too? I’d like that even more than sewing up the twat.
    Fuck it, can we just kill them? That will solve everything.

    1. Stfu your a dumbass get a life. You just wanna kill us cause you cant get pussy. Fucker. You are a faggot

    2. The word fag came to mind when I read this also. Without women the human race dies…. Oh wait, maybe that’s not such a bad idea…

    3. Right suckitall, whatever the fuck you said… It must really hurt to know that all you have to offer the world is a used up pussy and no brain…

  2. O!!!! LOOK!!! KELTA.ROSE CUNT for SALE….. WEZZA run to the store and buy one .. And stick your head into KELTA.ROSE CUNT!!!!! Than you can tell EF you was born from a CUNT.. Not from FRED ASSS-O……….

  3. Why anyone would want to sew up a vadge is beyond me, but I have noticed there are several ads for “porn” of that nature.

    1. No shit… I’v gotta check that shit out… Just to say I’v seen it, not because I would enjoy it…

    2. Well, why would you enjoy it? But I’ve seen the one where the guy has a massive hardon, straddles a stump, and drives nails through his dick. IDK. I’m at a loss there as well.

    3. Well, a fetish implies that someone enjoys it… Check out ‘full genital bisection’… didn’t know this existed until I went to give a guy a catheter the other day…

    4. OH! You mean the guy had his dick split in two? Oh, hell no! I’d have to give up my profession if I had to deal with shit like that!

    5. Yeah, I couldn’t think straight and just blurted out “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?!?!” I am soooo glad he had a sense of humor and laughed. I had to figure out where the fuck to put the cath, and I got sent in there after 5 other nurses couldn’t figure his junk out. He also held it together with 2 piercings, one on top, one on bottom… It was the coolest and strangest thing Iv ever seen. But not the most disgusting… I mean they have brought people in with all kinds of objects in their ass, or my personal favorite is when the morgue is backed up and they bring people in in different bags and we have to put them back together in the right order… So, absolutely not the most disgusting thing I’v seen by far.

    6. I have no doubt that without a sense of humor, people doing what you do, would flip out.
      I mean, there is no way that you could just be serious all the time like most people would expect you to do.
      You have my sympathies…but I’ll be honest…I’m not sure I could keep the straight face like I would be expected to do. I would insult everybody involved and not mean to.

    7. Well, I’m thankful for the moments when I can laugh, because its much easier to turn my back and grin or hold it in until I get somewhere more appropriate than it is to fight off tears or resist screaming in anger. Emotions are my strong suit, I’v always been the type that can push it aside to deal with what’s important and then deal with my emotions later. Needless to say I do a lot of crying and screaming on my own time.

  4. I’m going to have nightmares thanks to this… This is a halloween costume win for me. Need some necro-p0rn to calm my nerves.

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