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    1. and thats why ignorance of other peoples life choices like smoking ciggs or crack or what ever else is the reason your a cunt and will die alone. just FYI

    2. I am a smoker and I agree with you, but you are still an idiot. The point of the story is not that he is addicted to cigarettes, but that he did something nice for the guy. The guy repaid the mans kindness by being an ungrateful asshole.

    3. You must have some Mommy issues. Why are you mad at smokers? The Government grows, creates, and distributes them, not crack dealers! Sounds like something an uneducated person might say. We smokers could say all non-smokers are douche bags who infringe upon our rights. We don’t do that now do we? We don’t, because that would make us no different than than fools like you. As for my smoke for the day, I am having mine as we speak.

    4. Fred, we already get taxed all to hell. Besides, isn’t killing ourselves enough “tax”? What they need to tax is alcohol. I wouldn’t be upset if they prohibited alcohol and tobacco. Yes, I am a smoker. Yes, I love smoking. Yet, I hate that I am so addicted. You cannot punish someone, for partaking just because you happen to not like it. Cigarettes are more addicting than heroin, and we all know what heroin does to someone. So you tax cigarettes; people continue to smoke and nothing is solved. Surly, even a primate such as yourself can understand.

    5. titapwease, none of your arguments, before I sarcastically mentioned it, included the extortionary taxes that are paid on tobacco purchases. And whether you know it or not, alcohol is highly taxed as well. Apparently, you and many others are not aware of all the taxes that you’re paying when you buy tobacco or alcohol. It is in the price and then in places that charge sales taxes, they charge that also. They are not supposed to charge sales taxes on those items.
      And regardless of how much respect you have for my “conversation skills” I think I may know more than you about the taxes that are being paid on these items.
      So, please, don’t ever try to patronize or talk to me in a fucking condescending way again. If you want to find out how well my “conversation skills have grown” just continue to talk to me in that “I’m smarter than you primate” fucking tone.
      Now bring it, the fuck, on.

    6. Whatever issues I have, putting posion into my body And paying tons of money to do it isn’t one of them.

    7. Honestly Fred, No one gives one rats ass about your conversation skills. Do you think I feel threatened by your request to “bring it the fuck on”? My comments did not include taxation because no one mentioned it but, you. Your argument has brought nothing to the table. Before you go bragging about your superb intelligence in taxes, you may want to make them to someone who is not studying Accounting.

    8. The government doesn’t grow tobacco, titapwease. They do, however, tax the shit out of it. It’s generally the product of lobbyists, rather than public interest that keeps the distribution of tobacco alive. That, and a lot of people would be pissed off if it became illegal. Either way, there’s no point in putting blame on anyone. It’s like blaming Mcdonald’s for being fat. I think that Vic meant that this guy had such an obsessive addiction with tobacco, that he stole some guy’s cigarettes despite his kindness. I, for one, disagree. He was just a shitty person. Suprisingly, there are a lot of people like that.

    9. Vic, that’s great for you. Wish I could say the same for myself. However, this does not give you a right to bash someone who is different than you. What I want to do to myself, is no concern of you and visa versa. You cannot really think, you could call millions of people crack heads and not get a negative response.

    10. Yeah, Vic! You have no “right”! Just like I have no “right” to try and give titapwease something to argue with other than “I have rights”. Hell, quite possibly, smokers pay more in taxes (percentage wise) than anyone else in the country. But don’t try to be sarcastic and covertly give them a little ammo, cause they have “rights” and they’ll start trying to piss you off by talking shit about your “conversation skills”.

    11. Smokers ARE crackheads!! The only difference is smokers can pop into any store or gas station ot get their FIX.

    12. Well, I wish someone would explain this “rights” shit to me. I mean, I thought Vic had the “right” to free speech and therefore say what the fuck he wants to. But then when he uses his “rights” tipapwheeze says that he has none. Now how does that work?

    13. I wish you all would, please, help me with my conversations skills. Apparently, they’re lacking.

    14. @ Vic- You are absolutely right, smokers are addicts just like crackheads. But they are just like anyone who drinks caffeine, eats sugar, gambles or works out obsessively because all those things get you high too. Everyone is looking for their fix, we live in a world of instant gratification where we get what we want, when we want. It’s sad really.

    15. Fred, your conversation skills are not lacking by any means. Titapwease is just an angry Uhmerican who needs to go jerk off and have a smoke, maybe take some Xanax to calm the fuck down about his ‘rights’ (which by the way no one is trying to take away)…

    16. I’ve always thought your conversational skills were admirable, if a bit single purposed- ie. you talk about sex a lot.

    17. And I agree with everyones point here…except the “rights” stuff. I don’t understand this “You have no right!”. Why?

    18. Most people that smoke cigarettes have a job, a decent social life, and a decent perspective on life. They’re people!!! People that smoke cigarettes don’t steal from their family members and anyone else that is willing to help them. Comparing them to crackheads is wayyy too extreme!! I think you guys are awesome, but i’m starting to think that you guys may never have encountered a crack head. They are at the very end of the social spectrum. On the other hand, I don’t try to avoid cigarette smokers on the street because they will beg me for money or try to rob me! Like I said, way too extreme.

    19. Ximenez, it’s not extreme… Have you ever been around someone who hasn’t had their cigarette? They are total fucking assholes, just like crackheads. Yes, I am around crackheads every time I go to work, but I’m also around smokers, and trust me they are both addicts who go through withdraws and get very angry when you take away their fix. So, no it’s not really far fetched to compare the two.

    20. Well, I didn’t mean to offend cigarette smokers. Actually, I think they are messed with too much. If you don’t like cigarettes and smokers, leave them alone, and don’t go out of your way to try to start shit with them. I think that alot of people try to do just that. Start some shit. I think that’s what alot of these anti-smoking laws are about. Just trying to screw with someone for shits and grins. There’s alot more crap that screws with peoples health other than second hand smoke. I mean, living life in itself is dangerous to your health. IMO.

    21. @KeltaRose… I could only imagine what the world would be like if 20% of the world were crackheads. I used to smoke cigarettes, but I’ve never been a crackhead (so I may not fully understand). I’ve been near enough crackheads to conclude that their not worth being around though. They’re easy to find too… you can (usually) find them on the streets!! I didn’t have too many problems during my withdrawal period… but I do agree it’s hard to get over. Getting over something and practically putting holes in your brain are two different things. I’m not trying to be mean, Kelta. I think you’re awesome!!

    22. Ximenez, thank you, I like you too. I wasn’t trying to be mean, I apologize if it came across like that, I am a direct person most of the time.
      I was just trying to say that addicts are addicts no matter what they’re addicted to.

    23. I guess they are similar. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that can’t go an hour without smoking! I’m guessing there’s a broad range of tolerance in the smoking community. Even I would hate to put up with that shit.

    24. Must be… either that, or I’m cursed. I’ve seen a few posts in the past and I’ve realized that quite a few (i’m serious) people have went through the trouble of making an account just to diss me. I know this because I won’t notice their diss until a few days later. I have a life, mind you, but I’m thinking that commenting on this site is rather pointless. Besides, they don’t send me emails when someone leaves a shitty response to my comments. I would be able to pick up on every lame ass comment. None of them were worth battling, mind you. I would put them to shame, quick!!!

    25. Im not sure how I feel about this new 2lolo. I think, dare I say, i miss the ass to mouth enema user 2lolo. And I’ve missed you guys too my job has been keeping me very busy this week. Well I’m off to work again, hit you guys up tonight. And Fred don’t listen to these haters, and kelta why don’t you get started on those bras and I’ll catch up.

    1. Well, he said they were in a truck… So, I’m guessing (because I’v done this) he told him to hop in the bed of the truck and he would take him to the nearest gas station. It’s something you do in the country because that person could be walking for miles before they get somewhere.

    2. It could have been a chick, though. In that case he probably expected some vadge. I would have. “Gas, grass or ass! Nobody rides free!”

    3. Well, I rarely pickup hitchhookers cause they don’t look that good.
      But it sounds like and interesting game you and I could play. I’ll bet Mara and Brit girl would like to sit close together, naked in the backseat and watch.

    4. Get your motor runnin’
      Head out on the highway
      Lookin’ for adventure
      And whatever comes our way
      Yeah Darlin’ go make it happen
      Take the world in a love embrace
      Fire all of your guns at once
      And explode into space…

    5. I like smoke and lightning
      Heavy metal thunder
      Racin’ with the wind
      The feelin’ that I’m under…

      Yeah, you’ve got good taste in music! 😉

    6. Heart breaker soul shaker
      I’ve been told about you
      Steamroller midnight shoulder
      What they been saying must be true

      Red hot mama
      Velvet charmer
      Time’s come to pay your dues…

    1. His so-called friends… he just wants to be heard because something cool happened to him.

    2. Maybe he used the hitchhikers cell phone to put this on their page so they would see it?

    3. I did some community service at a shelter once, you would be amazed how many homeless people have facebook accounts. they access them for free at the libraries

  1. To FRED

    I meet a Good friend of you’res last night at the Club. He came in as a VIP, remember Ru Paul? He said Hi to you.

  2. Hahaha I literally LOL when i read this. But the likely hood of that hitch hiker reading it is slim to none. Im a smoker and hate when i lose my ciggs, they cost almost as much as a 6pack.

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