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  1. Clearly, he french fried when he should have pizza’ed.

    Well, he’s screwed… pointing the wrong direction on the street… and he hit two people, so that’s two witnesses against him. So… basically “FU”… the roads are not a playground. Go kill yourself on a closed course.

    1. of course the roads are a playground, if your doing the speed limt get the fuck outa my way. he just doesnt know how to drive 4 wheel drive, he is a bluntskull

    1. This is proof that it’s just not a good idea to try strapping on your dick extension while driving your dick extension.

    1. In Illinois, The main intersections are really far from the light. For example, this intersection has 4 lanes, 1 to turn, 2 to go straight, and 1 to turn.
      This happened in Wheeling, IL. I’m about 15mins away from there..

    1. Shit gears. Shit gears? Really? And with a baseball bat up my “MAN-HOLE”? I’m not sure that is possible, but if you say so. IDK. You’re the genius here. We’re all just learning from you’re expertise.

    2. Trust me, I’v seen everything from G.I. Joes to cell phones and Barbies stuck up the rectum, but never a baseball bat… Can you send me some pics? Or X-rays?

    3. Guys… By a WIDE margin… I think it has to do with being stuck in the anal stage of Freuds’ developmental series.

    4. Or could that they, in reality, envy our vagina, and try to find a substitute. Take that, Freud!

    5. You know, I’ve never even contemplated sticking anything up my butt. I’ve thought about sticking something up yours and Mara, yeah. But I can’t imagine what provokes a guy to do it. I can’t even relate to a gay guy doing it. Maybe…because I’m not gay?

    6. I think it’s like what Grenouille said. I think it’s a gay guy that wants to have a vadge.

    7. I can understand having something phallic shaped up there, but toys and cell phones I just cant even relate to…

    8. Well, isn’t even being screwed in the ass not good for the ass? I mean, you know these girls that have the prolapsed colons or whatever you call it? I’m assuming they get those beauties from too much anal sex, right? That can’t be good.

    9. I’m not the one who said that, so I’m not sure if it’s true. But in theory it sounds good…

  2. Moron should’t have a Lamborghini if they are too frighten to finish the job, once you throw a car into a power-slide you have to stay on it or this is exactly what happens! You need ball of steal to drive crazy, when you pussy out like that driver did, this will happen every time.
    A 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo cost between $181,900 – $280,400.
    comedian/actor Eddie Griifin Totaled a $1,500,000 Enzo Ferrari !! Video: looks like Eddie will working a lot of overtime! after watching two exotic cars get wrecked I thought you might like to see this:

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