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    1. Have you ever felt your childhood missed something? This might be one of those missing things…

    2. Well, I don’t know this bitch and I’ve gotten, maybe, 30 seconds through a Saved By The Bell episode or two before changing channels. But I’ll say that it seems the crack whore profession has not been nice to her…so far.

    3. Not really… Had a good childhood with easy parents good school travels over europe… I had a rabbit…

    4. Not really… Had a good childhood with easy parents good school travels over europe… I had a rabbit… And was loved by evryone around me. I didnt watch that much tv maybe thats missing. Lol no way

    5. I dont think many people loved you. sound like a rich prissy bitch that had to buy friends. she is not a crack whore just ugly. this is from a interview about a new movie she is poducing derecting and is the star of.

    6. Bob, you are ruthless!! The most shocking part of the picture is definitely her skin color. Nothing about it looks natural. Her face doesn’t have the same shape to it, but that might just be age. Surgery, disease- not matter the case, she has change drastically. Her hair and makeup choice doesn’t help either.

    7. It’s MISS DragonBall thanks! ^-^ Why do you think I’m without balls? Humps, plenty however.

  1. I never would’ve guessed that Lark Voorhies looks like this now. What happened to her nose?? It’s so sad, she was so pretty on Saved By The Bell….

    1. He insisted. Said he loved to roll up his sleeve, dip his hand all the way to the bottom and up to his elbow, then cram as much as he could up your ass.
      I don’t know. Sounds like a freak to me.

  2. screech bought a house in Port Washington Wisconsin. I know this because I used to live there. He couldn’t make the paymets so he had T-shirts made up saying something stupid like “I’m helping Screech save his home.” and charged big bucks for each one. I don’t know if it worked.

  3. terrible hair/make-up going on there, maybe she’ll look alright when they sort out her hair and make-up (she probably done it herself, and before others used to do it for her?

    she put on weight too too

  4. I’m glad i’m not the only who saw this on the interview. I was like what the hell happened to her. My question is why didn’t the interviewer?

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