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    1. Looked like she had her umbrella stuffed up it and was trying to open it. I think thats bad luck isn’t it?

  1. She’s adjusting the microphone in her shirt as well as the battery pack transceiver that’s strapped to her leg. You guys wouldn’t know what p-sy looked like if it slapped you in the face.

    1. New from Norelco! It slices! It dices! It transforms any old cunt lying around the house into delicious vadge soup!

    1. @2lolo, Someday if you find the right Doctor.. You just might be EUTHANIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I miss Kevorkian.

    2. Obviously, but it should be an individual rite to choose to live or die without having to blow your brains out…

    3. I agree, but all this opposing argument is based on religious dogma and by people that really couldn’t give a fuck one way or the other if you or I were to blow our brains out. They just have too much time on their hands and feel that they are doing good in the eyes of the lord.

    4. Fuck that! I mean, a “merciful” and “just” god wouldn’t let us suffer for months or years until we die unable to wipe our own ass. Your life is one of the few things that you truly have control over in this world, laws shouldn’t be made on religious dogma that people can negate any time they feel froggy.

    5. When I was a kid and in bible study I would brng up the argument that there seems to be two different gods represented in the bible. You’ve got the New Testament god that is merciful and forgiving and then the mean, vengeful, bastard of a god that will fuck everybody up if shit doesn’t go his way. All I ever got in response was something along the line as, “God works in mysterious ways”.
      So, what are you gonna do? You can’t argue with these people because their arguments are based on bullshit designed to grab people by the balls and therefore make them do what the “designer” wants them to do. To even think differently than what is said is terrifying to them.

    6. And you my friend have just hit the nail on the head as to why I spend my free time roaming the internet instead of out with the other imbeciles my age. Especially where I live, the opiate for the masses is EVERYWHERE. Religion should be classified as a narcotic, because the definition of a narcotic is an agent that produces insensibility or stupor, applied especially to the opioids, i.e., to any natural or synthetic drug that has actions like those of morphine… And studies have shown this to be true concerning religion.

    7. “If you want to get your soul to heaven, trust in me.
      Now don’t you judge or question.
      You are broken now, but faith can heal you.
      Just do everything I tell you to do.”

    8. And surely you’ve noticed that throughout history government and religion goes hand in hand, one way or the other. It’s exactly the same in the Uh.S.
      If you’ll just watch what the police are doing, taking guns away from everybody for the least little thing, making laws where you can’t video record them beating the shit out of everybody and so on, you’ll begin to see that they are doing the same shit Hitler and so many others have done. Aand they’ll arrange for the religions and medias to back them up. The politicians have been, for quite some time and will continue to do so, pass laws and enforce them on those they want to enforce them on.

    9. And here I thought that the omnipresence of religion and limited puritanism in the USA was just a european-originated clichรฉ, one of the anti-americanists’ favourite.
      Each time you discuss this topic, it’s as interesting as supernatural from my point of view.
      Gotta love securalism.

    10. @Lymbe- I love Tool, esp. that song. I cant listen to Stinkfist anymore because it reminds me of 2lolo, but I’ll live.
      @Fred- I see it, and am taking notes of it, and am more and more thankful everyday that when the time comes, I can be 100% self sufficient. Yes, I believe in doomsday, no it will not be a biblical event and yes I will survive. Don’t even get me started on the whole ‘taking our guns away’ issue. I’m from Texas, we still execute people here, and I believe I have the right to own as many damn guns as I wish. (Yes, that sounds really hick of me, I know)
      @Grenouille- Secularism is a dream, as Fred pointed out, we can say one thing and do another. If we were true secularists we would have atheist presidents and politicians.

    11. Hey, Grenouille. Check out the Puritans’ history before they got to America. They were suing each other as they came off the boat. That’s what their economy was based on, suing each other for the least little thing. So, naturally, it’s spread across the country. I think most of the rich in New England are the ones that were most successful in their lawsuits.
      Hell, the Salem witch trials were really about that. Just suing people with little more to go on than “she’s a witch”.

    12. I can’t see how we could legitimately forbid believers from being politicians, judges or even civil servants, on the grounds of securalism of the State or whatever… Anyway, that wouldn’t seem fair to me…
      In a perfect world, and as it is supposed to be in France, policitians, judges, teachers and so on can believe in what they want, but have to keep their beliefs to themselves, only to be expressed and known in their private sphere. It is not supposed to affect their judgment and decisions, and there is the stumbling rock, I know.
      God, I love intruding in the grown-ups conversations.
      Could you go back on discussing more essential stuff now, like, sex?

    13. I didn’t know anything about that Fred, that’s interesting, but definitely not what we’re told at school about the Mayflowers… I’m gonna have to read about this!

    14. I feel the same way about paying other people’s health care and gun rights. Fuck people that try to take away my rights and make me pay for their shit.

    15. @ O_M_F_G That seems to be the way it is now, though. They want what they want and fuck everybody else. And if it doesn’t have anything to do with them, then they want it done away with. I’ve wondered if the U.S. has a majority of sociapaths having no empathy for anyone but themselves.

  2. in response to fred…
    the best way i’ve heard the two-faced god explained to me is that the old testament is explaining who god is in all his wrath, but because christ came and died for us in the new testament, we are now shielded from god’s anger. it’s not that he changed, it’s just that we don’t see all of him now.
    or something like that. i suck at explaining things.

    1. Yeah, thanks, really. I’ve heard this or similar. My main problem is that I’ve been involved with many of these Christian vairations and I just can’t agree with what goes on behind the “scenes”. The little people saying one thing and doing something different is trivial compared to what’s happening and what has always happened in the upper ranks. I just can’t support these power hungry people that want power just for the sake of having power. I’d rather mind my own business and wish everyone else well. But relious people can’t settle for that.

  3. Y would u have a muffled micro under fabric? Not on side of face under hair??

    Obviously just a boss producer wanting to know her bowl movements better.

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