Responsibility Fail


People Fail

Submitted by Alex G.

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    1. Fred, please, the government already has enough kids to feed all thanks to you. I guess the best option is Kelta.Rose advice’s.

  1. Advice columns; giving men a worse reputation for almost 100 years. Seriously, this dude has issues.

    1. I new a guy in the Army that had kids by five different women. Each got a part of his pay every payday, and he was constantly in court with one of them trying to get more of his pay. This dude, need less to say, never had money. Yet he was constantly screwing a new and different woman.

    2. Yes, of course. He said he didn’t like condoms and he felt that a vasectomy would emasculate him.

    3. I’v said it before and I’ll say it again… Stupid people shouldn’t breed. They should be euthanized.

    4. Well, apparently, there’s alot of “not getting caught” going on. A little bit in NC. Talking about the sterilization deal there though.

    5. Hmmmmm, I feel two ways about this particular issue.
      1) I feel bad because The Human Betterment League took away individuals’ freedom. Not to mention they were wrong about the traits they thought were inherited and were trying to eliminate.
      2) I feel like The Human Betterment League was trying to do just as their name suggests. They were just trying to help the human race as a whole survive. If we eliminate the genes that are harmful or undesirable then we create a stronger, smarter, more capable species able to evolve and adapt more quickly to the changing world around us.
      So, I really don’t know which side of the fence I’m on on this issue.

    6. Well, then, I think we’re on the same page. I’m pretty much the same, though you realize that you and I are not PC because our thinking is our own and not a socially agreed upon decision. But how do you get society to agree on anything unless all benefit and benefit right now? I mean these old fucks making decisions say, “Fuck the future. I want mine right now!” because they don’t have much future.

    7. It’s not just the old that are like that, it’s most people. We live in the age of instant gratification. If it’s not happening in the next 5 minutes it’s unimportant.

    8. Yes miso, that would solve the problem of humanity, thank you for your insightful cerebral flatulence…

  2. This doesn’t sound like the real Fred, there has not been one comment from him concerning objects going up his and/or other’s anus’

  3. Haha,I actually saw this in the paper the other day..first time I ever read the train station papers in sydney

  4. DEAR Kelta.Rose

    I’m very happy that you gong to FRED school for “ASS to MOUTH”…… Let me know when you need my COCK……. I have Condoms..

  5. The military is full of criminals and trash like this joker. That’s why I got out ASAP before one of these idiots got me killed.

  6. I think I know this guy. Sounds like the asshole that married my niece. But then again, so many little boys in the Navy pretending to be adults.

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