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    1. Mara wants to watch. Can I bring her and Kelta and get busy with Kelta while she and I watch Mara watch?

    2. Yeah! If we get caught by some nosy congressman you have to drink cyanide laced Koolaid while we all laugh, giggle and fart at you.

    3. You guys are usually more entertaining than the fail. Are you getting any kickbacks for it?

    4. We get free Walmart cards, but we have to spend several thousands of dollars of our own money purchasing shit that we don’t want and filling out questionaires to get them.

    5. We can keep him in my dungeon until they are done, Ill make room between Ian and Lymbe…

    6. I told you from the start that I want 2lolo in the torture pit so that I can get up in the morning, go out and give him a golden shower!
      Come on, Kelta! Keep the fuck up!

    7. Too late, Iv been exposed for hours now… Be right back, I have to go wash my keyboard cover, I squirted all over it…

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