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  1. The real fail here is why didn’t the guy go back into his car and drive away?! Seriously, what a dumb ass!

    1. Oh yeah, like “I really should drive away and die in an explosion, rather than let someone experienced enough try and kill that fire” …

    2. I dont think he was meaning the person who started the fire I am pretty sure he meant the one who pulled up and seen the fire and got his child out of the back seat and ran. Haha can we say full coverage insurance/law suit!!

  2. How the fuck can you judge whether it is a common sense fail or not ? To me it seems like the guy made his best he could to use the extinguisher, and that the device fucked up. Period.

    1. Maybe the common sense part has to do with the dumb ass that lit up his cigarette lighter on his open fuel tank?

  3. It really looks like he did it on purpose, using a lighter, doesn’t it?
    I’d give my entire Batman underwear collection to know what was happening in his head…

  4. Which was the common sense fail? The guy who lit the gas on fire and then put it back into his car or the idiot in the white car who could have just easily diven away but instead decided running was faster than a car?

  5. I want one! I could have lots of fun with that thing. I could antique 200 people at once or think of the highway wreck you could cause with that. Oh the possibilities!

  6. You’re all wrong to put down the guy on the right. He had stopped his engine and got out to see what was going on, because he heard shouting. Then he saw the fire. It would have been moronic for him to get back in his car, start the engine, and try to drive away. It was much faster to get his kid out of the car and run away.

  7. It’s very cold and air is dry. The ignition point is likely due to a spark from touching the nozzle to the intake. From what I see here, it’s a win. Fire’s out, everyone escaped without harm.

  8. I think most of you missed the fact that the man actually pulled out a lighter and puposely started the fire…

    1. MY GOD you’re right! How is it to be a superior mind? Does it itch? I’m told it itches a lot.

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