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    1. That is fucking ridiculous. You live millions of experiences. In reality, outside time space is more real than any physical life you will ever live. YOLO is fucking stupid. It is the embodiment of socially controlled ignorance. fuck you.

    1. Nope, I’m 25 and had no clue… had to look it up on urban dictionary and apparently it is an acronym for You Only Live Once…

  1. @Keith
    As far as I know, YOLO stands for (you only live once) and is used by people who like it up the rear end. It was on another post not long ago.

  2. the most stupid saying i’ve ever heard people starting to use now. well you can go by “you only live once” i’ll go by “living life to the fullest” without such stupidity.

    1. Well, I’m tired of hearing reporters say, “Our calls were not immediately returned”. What the hell does that mean? Will a lawsuit be brought about, or what?

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