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    1. The shitty generic street art faggotry gets a WIN, and the only person i’ve ever seen with this badass tattoo gets a FAIL? KILL ME NOW PLEASE…

    1. Hmmm. Break that piece of skull off so I don’t cut myself and that might feel pretty decent.

    2. Only real downside of being a chick is I don’t get the full experience of skull fucking someone… 🙁

    3. this is awesome…. and if he gets tired of the tattoo.. he just let the hair grow xD

  1. I also actually think it is really groovy , well done and very unique…and if he wants to cover it he can grow his hair..I think it’s a win !

  2. Wow, very good job, and powerful idea… So much better than the tribal on the neck and the pinky star. Gives me ideas about my next ink.

  3. artist win for sure but epic fail on the guy I dont want my kids sitting behind this guy thinking he blew his brains out not cool for the little ones again I do agree great artist though

  4. I would blow the back of my head off too if I had big ass earrings in each ear. What a fag. Only women, pirates, and fags have earrings in both ears. In my opinion, men with even just one earring is a fag. Men are not supposed to pierce their ears or let their hair grow too long.

    1. I think you have some issues with your own sexuality… Did your daddy touch you a lot as a child?

    1. It’s okay. Do what I do. Click on the “My Candy Love” at the top of the page and live your own romance.

  5. okay if my son, who is three, saw this tattoo and was frightened by it, all I would do is explain to him that it’s not real and is art on the guy’s body. I would not be offended and would definitely let him know that his tattoo is awesome. Because it is. This is so not a fail.

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