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  1. Once upon a time there were three little pigs. All summer long, they roamed through the woods and over the plains, playing games and having fun. Autumn came and it began to rain. The three little pigs started to feel they needed a real home. Sadly they knew that the fun was over now and they must set to work like the others, or they’d be left in the cold and rain, with no roof over their heads. They talked about what to do, but each decided for himself. The laziest little pig said he’d build a straw hut.Not quite so lazy, the second little pig went in search of planks of seasoned wood.

    And Voila!

  2. Dear Mara

    I can’t see you for Blow-jobs any more. My girlfriend found out by the smell of dead fish on my pants.

    1. WOAH!! “Girlfriend” is a strong word for that poor little girl you have gagged and bound in the basement…

    2. Save those pants! They’ll be worth a fortune someday! Anything with Mara’s odor on it is priceless.
      How much you want for ’em?

    3. I may be wrong, but it seems guys have a lot of anger towards women these days. Is it because their low on cash and can’t afford to keep up?

    4. No, I think it’s that females have been brainwashed into thinking that sex is dirty and wrong. Therefore the male species is being deprived. Seems like a logical reason to be pissed.

    5. You mean you think that males are compensating for not getting enough sex with females by being assholes? I’m not sure. These girls that I see all the time just seem to want some guy to talk to and have a little fun with. The guys, on the other hand, seem to have no idea how to approach a girl/woman (even older guys). They seem to think that talking about fucking 4x4s is something a girl wants to talk about. I say some stupid shit to the girl working the checkout line and bam! We’re in a big conversation about really nothing. And the guys really get pissed off. I mean, they’ll even say some smartass shit that shows it pisses them off.
      And these porn videos. I’d say 90% are what I would call degrading to the girl in it. Slapping and all kinds stupid shit that the guys do. I don’t get it.

    6. Some girls like that sort of thing, and any moron can tell when she doesn’t. As for the males, its a power trip.
      And you’re absolutely right that males don’t know how to approach females, but the reverse is also true, there has to be give and take on both sides.

    7. Yeah, true. When I was in high school, dating this one girl and we started making out, she would always get assy. I finally figured out that she wanted me to be rough with her. I didn’t care much for it, but whatever it takes to get in those panties, ya know.
      And it seems that girls constantly have their noses into their texting. I’ve always thought it rude to interupt someone on the phone, reading or anything like that just to say, “Hi! How’s your cunt today?” I mean, they kinda set themselves up as unapproachable maybe?

    8. Absolutely, sometimes we’re intentionally unapproachable, other times we’re oblivious to it. But (most) females think that it’s their way or the highway when it comes to guys. They like what they like and if a guy doesn’t engage themselves in what the girl wants to talk about then they blow them off. I think it has to do with the fact that (most) girls get by on their looks and not their brains.

    9. An afterthought… I would love if a guy came up to me and asked me ‘how’s your cunt today?’ I would probably laugh my ass off and engage that guy for being so direct with me…

    10. “Sometimes we’re intentionally unapproachable, other times we’re oblivious to it”. That is absolutely true, myself included. Sometimes I’d call it self discipline, because if I’m not that way I can’t get anything done. I hate shopping, so my objective is to get in and get out; pay attention to what I’m doing and finish. But I’m constantly getting into a conversation with someone.
      And, though you may approve, I’m not sure I’m really going to try that “How’s your cunt” stuff on any lady anytime soon. I try to be prudent. I’m not always successful though.

    11. No, I wouldn’t suggest saying that to your run of the mill female, however I take pride in the fact that I’m not just ‘any lady’… It’s rare that I get taken off guard, and if I do it’s even more rare that I show it. I take everything in stride and it’s hard to really insult me or get under my skin. So, when someone breaks my self composure, they get points…

    12. So, if I walked up, slap/grabbed your ass, and said, “What ya doing, Toots?” you’d reach over grab my cock and say, “I’m minding my own fucking business. What the hell are you doing?”

    13. fred, you need to get laid. i mean that, not just as a troll and sworn enemy, but as someone who cares about your well being.

    14. 2lolo, I could die tomorrow and burn eternity in hell and you couldn’t give a fuck less. So don’t play this “I care about your well being” shit.

    15. well the truth is, without you Fred I’d be lost. if tomorrow I came here and everyone was like, “fuck, did you hear about Fred? he was killed by robots”, I’d be pretty bummed. and yes, we all need to get laid.

    16. Damnit! I keep getting knocked off the net! Hughesnet sucks!
      Anyway, I think that’d be a pretty good way to go. As a matter of fact, if I ever decide to murder either of you two, I’m gonna use my Orgasmatron on you to do it.

    17. Okay! That does it! I gotta go shower, shoot-off and go to bed. I’ll talk to you later.

  3. Am i on the wrong website? I came here to watch videos of young children playing an instruments to a sub-par standard and to look at photos of girls pouting.

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