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  1. Oh yeah! He’s gay. Standing on a pink Cinderella and Snow White Disney chair proves it. He’ll be in Mom’s makeup kit next.

    1. Well, there’s no instructions or warning labels. Is it used internally, externally? Do I use and repeat? What? I’m Uhmerican! I need instructions! I have the right to demand useless information!

    2. Hey! You’re right, there aren’t! I’m going to intentionally misuse this product and then sue them! Because after all isn’t that the Uhmerican way?

    3. I’ve never thought of that 2lolo! I’m gonna try that! And here I just thought it was for stuffing your bra!

    4. BTW: The real 2lolo uses dildos for curling his hair. He’s tried several times to sue, but the judges and lawyers only laugh at him. I bought stock in a few dildo companies.

    1. No. I think his socks are not “stylish” enough for whomever posted this. Could be his shoes, though. IDK.

  2. *sigh* Another example of young kids that shouldn’t be on the internet because they make idiots of themselves and their parents.

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