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    1. That is a dilemma Grenouille… I guess it depends on the real chick, is she ugly because she is nasty and unkept and unshowered or is she just naturally ugly?

    2. Ok, be honest Fred and answer the question… Who would you fuck?
      A) Hot fake chick
      B) Ugly clean chick
      C) Suckitall (Below average unshaved, unshowered, stinky chick)

    3. In my opinion? Not good options at all. In fact, possibly the worst of all options.
      So, whether you believe me or not, I’ll have to go with the option which is not given: I’d do none of the above. Except for extenuating circumstances, I may lean towards plan B. I’ve done it before.
      And C well…that’s just either covering too many situations at one time or not enough at one time. That’s (to me) just an abstract type of situation.

    4. But now before you get me going on a tangent refering to my answer, you answer the question yourself pertaining to a guy, Kelta.

    5. A & B… A) because I’m a freak like that and B) because he can’t help it he’s ugly but if he is clean and well kept then at least he is trying. But C, there is just no excuse to be unshowered and unkept.

    6. Well, for me A is just out cause it’s just fake and…I’d just do my hand. I don’t don’t know how else to say it.
      B: Same here. I can go with you.
      C: Exactly the same as to unshowered and unkempt (as far as hygiene). But the small problem I have here is the unshaved. Now if she’s a hairy man bitch, then shaven/unshaven puts her in the category of a man an I don’t play that.
      Now, if she has female hair, then…you know? Some women have nice soft female fuzz. Female fuzz is much different from man wool. If you beg to differ, then let’s you and I visit Asia.

    7. Let’s get away from the Cro Magnon and Neanderthal races and investigate the cute little Homo Erectuses.

    8. I know some women have nice soft fuzzy hair, although we should still go to Asia, the women over there are amazingly beautiful. But I just don’t find hair attractive. It’s never stopped me before, but if its a regular thing I’m not afraid to ask them to do away with it…

    9. Well, most Asian women have no need to shave, except when they get older and their bush gets kinda…well, bushy. But most never develop leg hair past the peach fuzz state. They never get like western women where a bush-axe is needed to get to the clit. But, still, for the most part, I feel women hair is just not like man hair.

    10. Lucky little Asian bitches… But then again, I use going to get waxed as an excuse to pamper myself with a message.
      And man hair is very different mainly because men look good with hair, but I do insist that it be trimmed to a manageable length.

    11. Well, I understand, and I’ve been trimming it, damn it, because of you!
      No, seriously, it’s come into effect (the hair thing) really big in the last 10 years, so you’re showing your age. How old did you say you were? So, I’ve been trimming for some time, but I just can’t go for the shaving shit. I’m so sorry. You’ll just have to deal with the managable.

    12. I’m not very hairy, though. The main problem is the few strands on my ass and I’ve been tweezing those as best as I can. Will you forgive me?

    13. I’m 25… And I agree with you, the hairless thing has really changed. If you’ve ever read ‘The Joy of Sex’ from the 60’s its bush city…

    14. It’s just squatting down over a mirror a get the tweezers in the proper coordinates, ya know?

    15. I’ve got bad weather here and my editor has taken the day off. Sorry for the mistakes. I type correctly and it doesn’t take.

    16. That’s ok Fred, this is night 3 without sleep, I’m too tired to care about things like that…

      No, I don’t do meth, I have severe insomnia…

    17. Uh… thunderstorm just went over. Little advice: get a pan of hot water, set it by your bed, soak your feet until you get sleepy. Lazily wipe your feet dry and stare at the black spot as you’re trying to doze off. Self discipline yourself to not think about anything but the black spot. Takes practice.

    18. Soak my feet you say? Hmmmm… I’m gonna get the epsom salt… I’v had insomnia for years and the only time I sleep really well is when it rains, or after a really really good fuck.

    19. You’re problem is you think too much. You have to practice and discipline yourself. Close your eyes and see nothing but a black spot. Think about nothing but the black spot. You deal with all kinds of shit during your day and it’s hard not to think and review it. Fuck all that. Concentrate on the black spot.

    20. And whatever you do, don’t think about me thinking about licking your cunt, okay. That’s very important.

    21. Awwwe thanks Fred… I’ll try that in a little while 🙂 You sure are being sweet tonight…

    22. I don’t believe that Fred, I believe you were conditioned to be an asshole. We are all products of our environment…

    23. Yeah, well, believe me, you don’t want to get into that. That would take a history lesson. What little bit of family I have left, are not interested in having much to do with me, nor me with them. I’m the smart ass that got out in the world and fucked everything up. So, they are very much on leaving me the hell alone (until they decide to be curious and find out what my state is). But, I am only a scapegoat for the usual bullshit that goes on with families.
      Two things to always remember: Everybody has an agenda, and nobody will accept responsibility for their own fuck-ups.

    24. I agree that’s why I choose the internet over actual human interaction… Or maybe it’s that I see so much stupidity on a daily basis that I’v lost faith in humanity.

    1. Have you ever seen, “My Strange Addiction”? There are a lot of people like this. Dolls have been around for at least 2000 years. I’m guessing it plays some significant role in our evolutionary psyche. I’m also guessing that most of these men don’t have children either.

    2. When I saw the show, they would only bother to pretend to take care of them and mock talk to them. Even if they had sex dolls, their only interest would be to play house with it. It’s really weird, but it’s very real.

    3. I don’t doubt it, fetishes become very real to the participants, that’s why they take it as far as they can…

    4. I’ve never seen it either. I’ll have to check it out. I’ve always been led to beilieve that most all fetishes grow and get out of hand.

    5. Both of you are correct. It gets way out of hand. The fetish or obsession expands beyond them. The end of the show usually ends with them going to therapy or trying to find a way to end it. I usually watch it for laughs though. It’s the funniest show on cable tv!! You used to have to PAY people to eat toilet paper and nail polish!! Nevermore!!!

    6. Adolf, I want to be owned by a doll! I’m going to Soviet Russia (as old as that joke is), I want to be fulfilled by these claims!

    7. I don’t want to be owned by a doll… I just want to experiment. If all goes well, I’ll live there with the doll of my dreams… maybe.

    8. Once you are in the presence of a doll, you have no choice but to be owned..don’t you know anything about Soviet Russia?!

    9. ^Damn good point. A guy screwing a fake vagina is as they say, a sorry pathetic excuse of a man. A woman owning her own dildo collection is considered strong and independent.
      Society rules.

    10. I find the most amusing thing about this picture is that one of the dolls is in a wheel chair, did she arrive like that, was she damaged in transit or is he trying to milk the government for a carers payment and disability pension?

    11. No, she’s not trying to milk off the Government…I know this because she is the white model.

  1. In Germany we prefer to dig up buried corpses from the cemetary and carry them around like pet slaves….Everyone at our meets gets stiff.

  2. The one in the wheel chair seems kinda hot. I’d take her for a spun after I soak her in bleach for a month or two

  3. FRED, Is in her Motel Room, sitting on her Man Doll.. As For Kelta.Rose she is at home with me.. I’m SHAVING her ASS-O Hairs.. Well someone got to do it for her…..

  4. It’s sad but it’s true: The only redeeming quality of this photo is the the “classic” industrial backdrop. Very English one might say…

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