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    1. well, they got us beat in more ways than just this. they don’t even let their women drive over there. if they allowed bacon it would be a fucking utopia.

    2. Fred, Uhmerica? What the fuck? You know Canada has pleanty of room for uneducated knuckle draging pantie sniffing child fucking morons. You might want to pack up your VW bus and grab your under age boyfriend and make way up there and pledge to the U.N like the rest of your like minded fucksticks. You fucking dicksucker! You sound like a product of the 60’s

    1. It’s neither Saudi Arabia nor Libya (not spelled Lybia beEZ). Geography and spelling fail!

      This happened in Lebanon (Tripoli is Lebanon’s second largest city, capital of North-Lebanon).

      Add to this that it is happening in a Christian area, so probably the guy’s names is not Achmed…

  1. @NICKY NO NAME, I understand your a Hi Class Hooker now.. I told you Nicky, just believed in yourself.. You should thank FRED. Teaching you how to do “ASS to MOUTH”……

  2. That’s a lebanese trafic jam… we have bacon (lots of it)and a citi called Tripoli and unfortunetly women can drive…

    1. Tripoli is latin for “three cities” so I suppose it makes sense there’s more than one! After all how many Springfield USAs are there?

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