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  1. Typical peer pressure. In a few years, kids will be telling him to get higher on something else. Pogo sticking is a gateway to the DEVIL’S PIT. REPENT, YOUNG MAN, FOR YOUR LAST CHANCE AT RESTITUTION SHALL LIE IN THE WAKE OF SATAN’S WILL, YOU SOULLESS DEMON!!!!!

    1. It would be called the devils stick but thats already taken by something way more pointless.

  2. Ha! What I find funny here is that Dave didn’t explain to us all that the funny part was when he cracked his face on the floor. Fucking hilarious!

  3. love the guy in white by the door, just stands there, not a movement to go and help.

    ALSO: to all of you with the camera…. keep it on the subject no matter what. You keep missing the BEST part.

    1. dave goddamit, you are pissing off the lasses and scaring away the cattle. Do you know how long it took to round ’em up partner?
      Pretty goddamn long. Sorry I meant “purty goddem lawng”.

    2. Okay, Kelta. If you’re gonna start disagreeing with me I’m gonna slice my cock in half and use two ear rings to hold it together.

    3. I was thinking I could tie it in a knot, but if I was to start getting erections I’d be in a hell of a fix.

    4. “I wonder if one side gets hard and the other stays flaccid?”
      Well, didn’t you have an opportunity to find out?

    5. I didn’t really have to, he had something like 30 microdermal and subdermal implants we had to mark. He was covered in tattoos and scarification and had split his tongue… You get the picture…
      I think he might have been addicted to body modification.

  4. That owned the shit out of any show & tell I ever had in school. All I saw was fuckin sea shells from vacation, and pics of people I don’t even know. This kid brought a live face plant!

  5. i was teaching that class and after we collected his teeth the next show and tell did her act..she juggled 8 samurai swords while riding a didnt end well …get well soon jessica…we are all thinking of you at circus school for the mentally unstable

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