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  1. Oh come on, I don’t mind a few wins from time to time, but this is not, how can we masturbate with that?

    1. Agreed, I only live 5 minutes from Australia Zoo and don’t even masturbate to crocodiles or sting rays, it’s just not the same since Steve died.

    2. Oh I miss his show… Before the internet, that was so hard to find some good bestiality on TV.
      But I’m at a loss here Ian, I thought I read somewhere you lived in Saigon, and they surely don’t have an Australia Zoo, although they tend to copy everything that attract tourists.

  2. Steve Irwin’s wife took their brand of sun tan lotion of the market why? you ask – it was not stopping harmful rays – wocka wocka.

    1. DeadlyFoez is upset by epicfail’s undying love for street art. He pleads for change, yet to no avail.

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