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    1. Yea I really don’t see them being around for too long if this is any way regular, and by regular I mean twice. The chances for them graduating from epic fail and entering the Darwin Awards is quite good 🙂

    2. Clearly this is a WIN, and I don’t think these guys are any crazier than someone who jumps out of a perfectly good airplane and falls back to the ground with nothing but a parachute. They are adrenaline junkies, and if you lived in communist Russia, this would be the most fun you ever had!

    3. I’ve worked in Russia, and i can tell you that there are plenty of better things to do with your time than this.The main difference between them and people that jump out planes with ‘nothing but a parachute’ is that the latter HAVE A PARACHUTE.

    4. And by the way, Russia is no longer communist. It’s a federation. Although it is massively corrupt.

    5. They are probably climbers and are used to shit like this. Lots of people free climb and this isn’t that different.

  1. Pretty cool, but unless this vid ends with someone plummeting to at least severe injury, which they don’t, it shouldn’t be on this site.

    1. I know its called a win, and there are too many “wins” on this site. Its called Epic FAIL for a reason, or at least it used to be for a reason.

  2. here are the nominees for the 2012 darwin award. on the first place with a 98 % probabillity to fail……. russia. congratulation folks.

    1. I don’t think we’ll be waiting too much longer for the fail version, if these guys keep going like this.

    2. Yes, I am relatively new to this site YOSANNNA, thank you for pointing that out…

    3. It’s a fail, there are no chicks watching.
      Give me 2 ruskies hotties to cheer and I’ll do it blindfolded.

    4. Mara and I will cheer you on! But, there’s no guarantee I wont push you if you bore me…

    5. welcome noob. your apathy and self-loathing will be well-placed here at EF. spread that hate you ugly hep-c hooker!

    1. No thanks, I’ll pass…. I got nauseated watching this (because I hate heights) and then actually threw up when you mentioned sucking your cock (because I imagine you as being repulsive)…

  3. There’s ballsy and then there’s stupid. I’m afraid these guys crossed the line into stupid. Pointlessly risking your life isn’t ballsy.

  4. I love how people are hating on it, for real, those guys have so much courage to do that!!! I wonder if you fat American asses would dare do that?! Wait, nvm, you guys can’t even lift your 230pounds of a chair.

    1. I never said I hated it, I just wanted to see one of them fall into the forest below… it was like waiting for an orgasm that never came…

    2. that’s because spreading your legs would be like opening a giant grilled-cheese orgasm for you,fat-tard…no wonder you want to see someone die

  5. Just admit it – you’d never dare even get upthere.

    Show some respect to these people. Well-trained, fearless, having fun.

    Do they risk their lifes? Hell yes. Adrenaline junkies is my call.

    1. The majority of us wouldn’t dare get up there because we’re not arrogant, cocky, attention seekers. We also desire to live long decent lives. But if you want to go for it goggywoggy, i’m right behind you.

  6. I just don’t understand….if a kid died there last year, why didn’t they put a fence or something around that tower…now thats the stupidity

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