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  1. This is the LOL.The mallet bounces back and hit’s him in the face because the end of it is made of rubber.i enjoyed this clip

    1. I’m beginning to think dave is, as the Brits say, taking the piss. Did I say that correctly?

  2. i kinda feel bad for the guy,he obviously has never done anything like that before,and hasnt a he didnt go down after a pretty decent if this happens again,he’s a dumbass.

  3. after that hit he did a full spin lol lol lol lol he didnt no what hit him lol lol lol he knocked some sense n2 hisself lol lol

  4. The guy just lost a fight with a bookshelf .. How do people like this even dress themselves in the morning??

  5. To be fair to him he took the mallet to the face like a champ. Although the swing was slightly more amateur.

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