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  1. there are so many fails out there. why is this posted on this site? this is not a fail and a sad effort to try and post something. the site is losing its luster

  2. am I blind? I don’t get it. Is it the PEDO? that is the fail part? Forgive me if I just completely missed this one.

  3. I guess they don’t teach words or their definitions anymore because pedo is commonly used in the medical community to refer to children.

    1. Yes, it is… But on the internet it’s commonly used to refer to child molesting…

  4. Yeah…pediatrics, pedodontics…great (pseudo high five, up top baby!!)
    However, pedophiles have kind of taken ownership of pedo and doctors prefer to use other terms to describe themselves.
    So you, people who still speak latin, and the infamous “bear” can continue to live the lie.

  5. Agree with john and M&A over there.
    This was very, very lame attempt at posting something “funny”.

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