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  1. not a parenting fail…. big deal, a kid was at the party? might not even be the kids party? might not even be her kid?

  2. Agreed that it might not be her kid….but who throws a birthday party in a motel room.. just saying… FAIL.

  3. It’s a picture of babymama and babydadday struggling to live on welfare while raising a child and still being able to afford beer on a daily basis.

  4. My computer caught herpes just by bringing this picture up! It looks like a wel-fare party going down in the Budget Inn tonight!!!

  5. Not gonna call it a fail…dont know what circumstances have them throwing a hotel party. Its just a booty pose, I have seen kids in worse situations. They have beer for adults and a gallon of milk for the kid/s. They gave a shit enough to put up a “happy bday” baneer, fuck it they tried. I’ve seen worse….plus I’d it that.

  6. Room is clean, beds made, furniture in decent repair, which is more than most people can say about their nightly lodgings. Motel room indicates the kid got a trip for her birthday (not a welfare lifestyle) which is pretty awesome and again more than most can say they provided their children in the last year. Evidence of two beers with at least two adults is hardly a drunken redneck riot. Assuming both parents are pictured, taking care of their kid, which again is more than many families. She doesn’t look like she’s trying to be taken too seriously, and I’m sure we’ve all made a funny pose for a picture. Not thrilled with his smoking next to a child, nor the tacky hat, but I can’t really call that an EPIC fail. Honestly, EF, why is it that any time a mom dresses somewhat revealingly you call it a fail? Are women supposed to dress like nuns for the first five years of their kid’s life? Noted, btw, that you have a distinct gender skew in your parenting fails, EF….

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