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  1. Look at this abomination! ITs only purpose is to KILL KILL KILL bitchslap yer bloody asses.
    Give it a shot of tequila and see that thing GO! I heard they will speak in tongues if they’re fed a virgin’ liver.
    Get to the pornographic institute! Quick! Shotgun killercannon time.
    Show no mercy for you shall receive none!

  2. Ah! The evil duckface! So contagious, it’s now infecting innocent animals! (Although, I gotta admit, it looks cute on dogs…)

  3. My favourit kind of dog. Their face is wrinkled and they breath in a loud and painful way, just like me. And this one, he’s just screaming “I’m gonna kill you bitch, lemme eat these chips, AND TAKE OFF ME THIS FUCKING DOG-COVER!”
    I hate dog-clothes.

  4. get the onesie off that dog immediately. fuck. dog owners who treat their dogs as fashion accessories piss me off.

    1. whoops, I meant to say-
      @MARA- This is what FRED FACE look like when you fingering his ASS-O!!!!

    2. Does it matter who he really is? New2lolo is schizophrenicly funny, and he disapproves of dog-clothes. We don’t need to know that it’s because it slows him down when he wants to rape a dog. No no we don’t.

    3. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. One thing’s for sure, onesies stand in the way of progress and have no business on dogs.

    4. Do you call your dick “progress”? That would be deliciously ironic. And could lead to some funny situations.

    5. I know, it’s funny, you actually have to spell it in front of the dog so he doesn’t run away.

    6. Actually, that is what my face looks like when you finger my ass-o. Proof that’s not 2lolo.

    7. As if it were optional, you impudent! That copperhead of yours apparently need some training, I’ll see to that.

    8. I actually saw a copperhead today. I was running and stopped on a bridge, where I sometimes look for snakes, and it was below laying on a rock. Pretty big one too. I hate those fuckers.

    9. Tss, way to pose as a “I take care of myself girls, see I’m running 10km every day, want a piece of me?”
      Don’t be so insecure Father Cunny.

    1. Dude I seriously hope there are 2 of you because if you were playing us all this time… I don’t know, I’m at loss for words.

    2. Well, the comments section of this site would be kinda boring if it weren’t for our beloved master troll(s???) here…

  5. Yeah, this pretty much resembles the “duck face” chicks… if that was done on purpose, it’s a bit of a WIN 😀

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