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  1. Now, what happened to the hand-holding of one’s kids to keep them nearby and out of trouble? Sad. :/

  2. why the hell is this a parent fail? because the leash? i fucking hope not, myself and tons of other, know all to well what happens when you have a child that like to be a “runner” and in some cases like children with ASD, you can try to teach them all you want to not run, but it doesn’t matter. hence leash required.. Awsome photo shop, feel for the parent rough gig there

    1. I agree! At least she has the consideration to have them tethered to her and not let them rum about as they please… I’m downright rude to parents who let their children do that shit, mainly because they are rude for not finding a way to control them or get a damn babysitter.

    2. This pic made me laugh. I bet she wishes she was really sword fighting ( or whatever you call those things) instead of dealing with those brats

    3. Mara, I’m gonna set the Star Wars diss aside because your sexy ok? But next time, I’m gonna have to spank you and sit you down for a marathon…

    4. or, another option. just umm, throwing this out there. you can not be an incompetent parent and teach them not to run off. ill be damned if my kids do that in an airport. and kids that are “runners”?? lol, by “runners” dont you mean “suck-ass-parents” lol, i think you need a leash

    1. Been there done that!! If I could freeze those little fuckers and put them in the overhead compartment I would!!

  3. children on a leash. sad. need to go old school and spank them in public and let them cry and pout, or get a babysitter.

    1. i spank my son’s ass in public. and guess what? it gets good results. no dumb shit happens where i might think i need a leash. a child is not a pet. good parenting > leashing. fucking moron

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